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Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz Debate Heavily Over New Slaughterhouse Project



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Joe Budden and former “Slaughterhouse” members left it all on Instagram live. Their public departure has been a topic for awhile now. The group was composed of Joe Budden, Royce Da 59, Crooked I, and Joell Ortiz. Ortiz, Budden, and Royce revisited topics surrounding their former endeavors and why things were not succeeding. The conversation started calmly, but quickly turned to a heated debate. Ultimately, Budden says to Ortiz, “Suck my d*ck.”

The real reason for the breakup of Slaughterhouse

Ortiz and Budden’s fury came to a head because of untrue statements made by Budden and Royce. He shared that the demise of Slaughterhouse came after they rejected many deals record labels were offering.

Crooked and Ortiz announced their new joint project: “The Rise and Fall of Slaughterhouse.” Following this, a clip circulated online where Budden says, “Joell, I love you and want nothing but the best for you.” Ortiz responds, saying: “So then, listen to the album. Listen to the album, Joe. Listen to the album, Joe. Tell the people to listen to the album!”

Budden’s rage soon becomes apparent when they start arguing during the conversation, as he screams, “Joell, that album can suck my d*ck! Are you kidding me?” Budden sets Ortiz off, and Ortiz starts screaming: “Suck my d*ck! Don’t go there! Don’t do that!” Ortiz is saying that before he logs off fast in the heat of the moment. Budden is now questioning: “If I want the best for him, I have to support that album?”

Meanwhile, fans react to the silence of Royce during the heated debacle.

Royce does however respond using a metaphor via Instagram to better highlight the reason for their separation: “You have 25% ownership in an apartment building. You built this building with three partners brick by brick. It’s worth millions, and suddenly, the value drops because it needs renovations. You and your partners have been talking about when and how to finish work; your partners need to agree on a plan of attack. Meanwhile, you and one just of the other partners get an offer to build another building together but with just the two of you. MINUS your other two partners, and yes, there’s a check involved. BUT, there’s just one catch: YOU have to burn down the building you already have without informing the other two partners to do so. Would you do it? I don’t think so.” Hopefully, Slaughterhouse can work things out because every member deserves peace.

It looks like conflict between Slaughterhouse members isn’t going away anytime soon. Joe Budden and Joell Ortiz may sizzle for a moment but the hopes are high for a reconciliation.

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Written by Tobin Kaplan

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