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Joe Budden’s Reaction To Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s Shocking Split



The celebrity couple were married for two years. Image source: Getty Images.

Popular rapper Jeezy and TV personality Jeannie Mai have recently split. It was a major shock as most assumed the couple were extremely happy. Hip-hop expert Joe Budden has reacted to the shock announcement during the latest episode of his podcast.

Joe Budden’s Reaction

The former rapper said, “It saddens me that it didn’t work… But I’m not surprised.” Budden further discussed the controversial comments Mai made on TV previously. The TV host mentioned that she would not date a black guy. “I love Black guys, but for me, dark meat on the side, white [meat] keeps me mean and lean,” said Jeannie Mai.

Jeezy Talks About Jeannie Mai’s Controversial Moment

The talk show host discussed that viral moment on The Real in 2014 with Jeezy born as Jay Jenkins before they started dating. The “Put On” rapper mentioned on The Morning Hustle radio show the pair had that conversation. He went on to reveal, “She said, ‘Listen it was something I said, and it might have gotten taken out of context.'” The 45-year-old concluded by revealing Jeannie said she wanted him to listen to what she meant in its entirety and he did. “I know her family. I ain’t never felt no sense of racism,” Jeezy added.

Jeannie Mai “Wants To Work Things Out”

Jenkins filed for divorce in Georgia on September 14, 2023. The rapper is seeking joint legal custody of his and Mai’s one-year-old child. The couple was married for two years. The filing states the Jenkins have a prenup. A source told TMZ, “Jeannie is holding out hope that he [Jeezy] would be willing to sit down and work things [out].

Why Did The Couple Split?

Rumors have been swirling about what possibly caused the shock split. People started speculating that the TV personality cheated on Jeezy with Access Hollywood’s Mario Lopez. That has since been denied by sources close to Mai.

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