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Erica Mena Calls Spice Racial Slur: The Duo Receives Backlash For Heated Exchange



Erica Mena Calls Spice Racial Slur: The Duo Receives Backlash
"Love & Hip Hop" stars Erica Mena (left) and Spice (right). Image source: Rhymes With Snitch, MTV.

Spice and Erica Mena’s viral exchange is taking the internet by storm. Things went way too far, resulting in a physical altercation between the pair. Fans are slamming both women for their “low” comments on a recent episode of “Love & Hip Hop ATL.” The franchise’s vet Erica Mena calls Spice a “blue monkey” in a heated exchange. The Jamaican singer had a few words for Mena leading up to the bombshell moment.

Erica’s Dangerous Clapback To The Dancehall Queen

Safaree’s ex is known for her clapbacks and ready-to-fight attitude, while the dancehall queen is also a woman who is known to speak her mind. But I don’t think anyone would have thought the pair would hit so low. 

Spice said that Mena’s oldest son doesn’t like his own mother. As a result, the MTV star flipped the table and called Grace Hamilton, known as Spice, a “blue monkey.” This shocking moment had Erica catching major heat on social media. Fans of the show are calling for her to be fired.

What Happened Between The Former Friends?

Many acknowledge this is racism and completely uncalled for. The origins of this argument started with Mena’s divorce from Safaree. Shekinah tried to calm the situation but got caught in the crosshairs of the argument. Erica unexpectedly flipped the table in response to the “So Mi Like It” singer’s comment about Mena’s son. The “Love & Hip Hop” vet continued to shout at the singer, saying, “You don’t know about my son!… That b****h should have died!” This horrifying comment was based off of Spice’s surgery scare. Therefore, the Jamaican native hit lower with the remark, “Your son hates you!”

“Love & Hip-Hop” Veteran’s Controversial Past

This is apparently not the first time the TV personality threw out that racial slur at a Black person. Mena allegedly had an issue in the past with some club promoters. She reportedly spazzed, calling them Black monkeys after a mix-up with a scheduled appearance. Staff members accused the star of making racist statements, such as “I don’t usually do business with these Black monkeys.” 

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