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JT Partook In A Hot Twitter Dispute With A Blogger



JT KenBarbie Argument Takes Place On Twitter
JT. Image source: Kemi Filani News.

On Monday, Jul. 17, an argument between JT and a blogger named KenBarbie took place on Twitter. It’s unclear whether any pre-heat occurred offline. The conflict on social media allegedly started from KenBarbie tweeting a screenshot of JT’s tweet, pictures of Ice Spice, and a caption saying, “Somebody better tell JT Ice Spice already brought her ‘princess’ collar.”

The City Girls member then clapped back at the blogger claiming, “non-Black ppl once again using terms to insinuate that black women are dogs.” 

In response, KenBarbie shared that he’s “definitely 100% black.” The blogger also asked, “Why y’all always assume light skin people aren’t black? Don’t try to race bait me, you know you’re lap dog.” 

The JT KenBarbie Argument Continues

The brawl then went on with KenBarbie claiming he “don’t fight women, though,” and asking whether he should fight Lil Uzi Vert instead, whom he also referred to as “Leslie.”

KenBarbie also discussed a recent situation with JT and Lil Uzi at BET Awards. At the time, both got into a heated dispute, which many related to Lil Uzi’s obscure flirting with Ice Spice prior. So did KenBarbie, who tweeted, “Where was this energy when [Ice Spice] played in your face? Talking bout she the girl of your man dreams after playing with him DIRECTLY in your face? You know who to try, huh?”

On top of that, KenBarbie brought up JT’s old tweet, where she said she “[loves] pretty dark skin girls.” She also claimed that “milky ways be the shit.” KenBarbie posted a screenshot of this tweet, also claiming that “trying to race bait when this is you is crazy.”

A lot went on afterward, including discussions about JT’s private life and alleged unwillingness to fight other women since they can fight back. “She never has this energy for women,” KenBarbie claimed. “She’s just giving y’all a show because at the end of the day.. she knows I don’t touch women. But where’s this energy for the girls? That’s why Ice Spice gagged her at the awards and left untouched and KEPT trolling her right after.”

In the end, the conflict went down by itself without any significant mark, showing its conclusion.

Previous Brawl

It is also not the first time JT and KenBarbie have gotten into a Twitter argument. In Nov. 2022, the Twitter blogger claimed that “JT and Uzi split up this time because he was creeping with a model in LA.” The City Girls member responded, “As long as me & Uzi been officially it’s been fiction.”

JT KenBarbie Argument Takes Place On Twitter

The screenshot of a dispute between JT and KenBarbie. Image source: Twitter.

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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