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Nicki Minaj and Yung Miami “Jokingly” Go Back And Forth On Twitter



Nicki Minaj And Yung Miami Go Back And Forth
Yung Miami of the City Girls (left) and Nicki Minaj (right). Image source: Getty Images.

Nicki Minaj and Yung Miami recently had a “good time” on Twitter. It seems the pair were “joking” about who coined a certain term that Caresha used to promote her latest podcast episode.

How Nicki Minaj’s And Yung Miami’s Twitter Conversation Started

The queen of hip-hop had some words for the star from Miami, “*Hits @Diddy to advise him that a young lady on a show that appears on his network seems to have ‘Borrowed’ a very popular #QueenRadio catch phrase* Puff, who representing u these days chile?” The New York native then went on to say, “I got my sh** drafted in my HEAD B!CH @YungMiami305 talking bout u got into some thangs.” At the bottom of her tweet was a Nene Leakes gif of her rolling her eyes. 

Yung Miami Responds To Nicki Minaj’s Tweet

Yung Miami responds, saying, “Nicki @NICKIMINAJ what’s really the problem??? Cause I definitely didn’t get that from you LOL… Actually is a gay slang lmao. Nicki Minaj takes a moment in her “Twitter feud” to honor the late and great Tina Turner but then proceeds back to her previous claims. 

Playful Back And Forth Between The Two

Barbie’s comeback slightly clowns Miami for blaming it on “gay slang,” but finds a way to insert Queen Radio in the conversation as she asks the rapper to join her show. “If not, I’m hittin Puff right now. You know he used to manage me right? Now it’s my man my man my man,” the Trinidadian rapper concluded. The City Girls rapper told Onika she was on her way to his crib now and would call Minaj when she arrived.

Next, Onika Maraj-Petty creates a poll asking the LGBTQ+ community if it’s “gay slang” or Caresha cappin.

Is Caresha Coming On Queen Radio?

Caresha accepts the challenge by saying, “Bring me on queen radio I’m ready when you are Ms. b*tch.” Furthermore, it seems the Harajuku Barbie is ready for Yung Miami to be a guest on her show – as she then tweeted, she was getting her questions ready for Miami. In conclusion, Nicki Minaj didn’t even realize she was trending on Twitter with this entire back-and-forth.

Written by Vhannah | Instagram | YouTube

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