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Judge Mathis Advises Ashanti to Put a Gag Order on Irv Gotti



judge mathis

Judge Mathis is yet another celeb who isn’t here for Irv Gotti’s kiss and tell streak. Now, he’s giving Ashanti the gag order advice to stop it.

Fat Joe and Ja Rule have recently publicly disapproved of Irv Gotti’s controversial press tour. You can add Judge Mathis to the list of Ashanti defenders after this past week.

For those not up to date, Irv Gotti has been making headlines for exposing details of a past sexual relationship with Ashanti. During an appearance on the show Drink Champs, Gotti divulged into their early 2000s affair. Amongst all the stories, he focused heavily on the song “Happy” and claimed it came into existence after the two had sex.

In another instance, Gotti spoke about his past arrest for money laundering. According to him, Ashanti “ran like a cockroach” when he went into police custody. This situation seems to cause the Murder Inc CEO’s contempt. Of course, fans across social media expressed disgust at the apparent attempts to rule up the Long Island vocalist.

Judge Mathis Steps In

TMZ caught Judge Mathis in New York this Tuesday to ask his opinion on the matter. During the brief interview, he suggested Ashanti hits Irv with a cease and desist or gag order. He follows this up by confirming Ashanti has the legal right to take action if she’s genuinely being slandered. “If she feels she’s being defamed, she should perhaps send a cease and desist,” he said. “Just send a cease and desist and hope they’ll honor that.”

In the meantime, Ashanti has remained silent on the situation. For now, at least, it looks like Irv Gotti’s tactics aren’t shaking the “Concrete Rose” singer.

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Written by Dreema Carrington

An ambitious young journalist from Baltimore, Maryland with a passion for releasing candid and accurate information to the public. Has experience in broadcast, reporting, and editing. Always strives to make stories unique and captivating while telling the truth. Currently pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism.

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