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Kanye West Omitted From The GRAMMY’s Performance Roster



Kanye West/ Credit: Getty Images

The 64th Grammy Award Show will be held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Performers have been announced but an expected Kanye West, will not be performing. This news comes after West‘s internet activity is deemed “concerning”.

Grammys Give Kanye Bad News

The Blast reports that Kanye and his team received a phone call on March 18, telling him he has been removed from the performers list for the Grammys. Hearing this news is difficult because a Kanye performance is always epic. A Kanye West performance is sure to be the talk of the day.

Ye was banned from Instagram days before this phone call, telling him he was a nominee but not a performer. The College Dropout curator’s posts against Pete Davidson, D.L. Hughley, and Trevor Noah violated Instagram’s policies of hate speech, harassment, and bullying.

Concerning Behavior By West

Kanye is a very outspoken artist and he has always let his inner thoughts be known to the world. This openness has not changed even while going through a divorce. Unfortunately, he is not taking the divorce well and the tickets to the show are free.

Kanye West is constantly going after Pete Davidson who is currently dating Kim Kardashian. West has gone so far as to show him kidnapping, burying, and turning Pete into a garden of flowers in his “Eazy” music video.

Kanye West/ Trevor Noah

Kanye West/ Trevor Noah Credit: PinkVilla

Everyone has commented on the divorce between Kanye West and Kim. Trevor, who will host the Grammys, spoke out against these actions. Kanye didn’t like what Trevor had to say and decided to swing back with racial slurs. These attacks by Kanye are not showing the best sides of his personality.

The Grammys Disappoint The Game

Kanye West and The Game

Kanye West and The Game/ Credit: Instagram

The Game went to Instagram after the news broke that Kanye wouldn’t be performing on the Grammy stage. Game is not pleased with the Grammys decision to remove Ye as a performer.

“Time & time again they show us that they only want to STEAL the culture, not allow you to ever be their equals. In a more than obvious move for reasons of minuscule actions…. The Grammys have at the last minute decided to pull @kanyewest from performing on the show as if we didn’t know it was coming.” -via Instagram

The Grammys have been called out before for not being inclusive and only wanting to use black culture to make money for themselves. Not sure if this is one of those moments but Game feels like this is exactly what the Grammys is doing. He feels like black culture is stolen but the original creators are not given their credit. The debate on this will continue but The Game is on the side of Kanye.

“Could be because @trevornoah is hosting and there was a conversation held amongst his team & the academy that led to the decision or because Ye’s account was suspended just days ago for reasons unknown…” via Instagram

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In this situation, Kanye having issues with the Grammy host is what the Grammys saw as the final straw. The removal of Kanye as a performer was most likely already in the air and the racial slur directed at Trevor Noah couldn’t be ignored. Kanye dug his own grave.


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