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Suspension: Kanye West Is Supposedly Creating A New Social Media Platform After Instagram Situation



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Kanye West is continuing to make headlines. He recently made headlines for calling Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s boyfriend, “Skeet Davidson.” Also, West’s fellow rap legend French Montana says West is launching his own social media platform, according to Montana says that West is responding to Instagram in this way. Nevertheless, Instagram placed a suspension on West for 24 hours. Montana backs this in a tweet, saying: “They suspended Kanye off Instagram, he about to make his social media platform.”

There Are No Confirmed Reports That West Has Started to Create His Own Social Media Platform, As of Right Now.

The Bronx rapper tweeted on March 16, 2022, that his creation of a social media platform wasn’t made public by him. Los Angeles Rapper The Game supports West in response to Kanye’s Instagram suspension. The Compton Rapper is launching the #FreeYe campaign. Also, he’s slamming Instagram for picking and choosing content that ignores its policies.

The reaction to Instagram’s suspension of West has been causing division. However, some people feel it’s too harsh, while others think it’s too mild. Therefore, Instagram is banning West because of his rant on Tuesday morning.

West’s Tirade Prompted His Suspension from Instagram

West fired shots at Pete Davidson, his ex-wife’s boyfriend, Kim Kardashian. However, Davidson’s partner David Sirius and famous comedian D.L Hughley are the topics of West’s rants. Likewise, Trevor Noah, host of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, is the other subject of West’s tirade.

Moreover, according to Meta, Instagram’s parent company, they’re removing West’s account for: “violating the company’s hate speech, bullying, and harassment policies.” As a result, West can not post, comment, or send direct messages on his account during the 24-hour suspension period.

In conclusion, West’s recent social media rant is one of many recent. The subjects of his recent attack were just his ex-wife Kim Kardashian and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson. There is cause for concern that more people are following West’s social media rants.

Written by Tobin Kaplan

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