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Kendrick Lamar Will Detail the Making of ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ on Obamas’ Podcast



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Kendrick Lamar is set to talk the making of his classic album "To Pimp a Butterfly" on a new episode of 'The Big Hit Show.'

Fans of Kendrick Lamar will be happy to hear that the history behind the production of his hit album To Pimp a Butterfly will be explored in the upcoming second season of Spotify’s The Big Hit Show podcast, produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s media company, Higher Ground Productions.

The upcoming episode will explore the impact of the hit album as well as the history of the man behind it. Host Alex Pappademas speaks to several collaborators on the project, as well as some of K-Dot’s childhood friends. Kendrick also offers his thoughts on the album and its impact seven years after its release.

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The importance of To Pimp a Butterfly

Released in March 2015, To Pimp a Butterfly showcased a variety of jazz and funk-infused beats. The project debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 and made countless best-of-the-year lists. But more importantly, it gained status as a musical staple for the Black Lives Matter protests, with the chorus from “Alright” ringing loud in streets across the United States and the world.

A fresh trailer for the first episode of The Big Hit Show includes a snippet of Kendrick’s insight into the album’s production. “You know, in Hip-Hop, we got this thing, the sophomore jinx,” Kendrick says. “I took it upon myself- I need to do something that inspires me.”

What to expect

The first episode of the new season of The Big Hit Show debuts  February 16 on Spotify. The podcast has five additional episodes, set to release later in the year. In a press release, Pappademas spoke on the intentions behind the podcast, which highlights works with a significant cultural footprint. “Listeners will know from chapter to chapter they’re getting a high stakes narrative that explains how our culture has been influenced and shaped by these creations,” Pappademas said. The Big Hit Show first made its debut in January.

Written by Olan Bryant

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