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Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson have Private Dinner Date; is this the Start of Romance?



Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson meet for a private dinner date

On Tuesday night, Kim Kardashian slipped away to meet with Pete Davidson for a private dinner date. Although the socialite was rather brazen about going to the meet-up, she was reportedly dodgy when pressed about the exact nature of her relationship with Davidson. Naturally, fans have jumped to conclusions and are already calling these two an item because who doesn’t love drama. But how much truth is there to these accusations? Well, nothing convincing. But nobody wants to hear that, so instead let’s talk drama.

The Stars Align for Kardashian and Davidson

If Kardashian and Davidson were interested in starting a romance, now would be the perfect time to get heated. Kim Kardashian is in the final stages of her divorce from Kanye West, or rather Ye. At the same time, Davidson seems to have separated from his girlfriend Phoebe Dynevor. This means both are single and very possibly, ready to mingle. The rumors first started when photos showing the two holding hands were made public.

However, it is important to note that although Dynevor and Davidson were happy together, they decided to end things due to difficulties with long-term relationships, and just days after this late-night tryst, Kardashian has traveled to the other side of the country. Could this be what is holding the two of them back?

It Started Out With a Kiss

Public hand-holding may be the kind of steamy action that first turned people onto a possible romance, but fans believe feelings were first caught on SNL. During one of the Late Night performances nearly a month ago, Kardashian and Davidson were featured in an Aladdin parody. The two played Jasmine and Aladdin (respectively) on a romantic carpet ride, during which they shared a kiss.

Now, any veteran actress will tell you that there is a strict barrier between character and self. The things that happen on screen do not necessarily reflect the actress’ personal feelings… but Kim Kardashian doesn’t exactly consider herself an actress…

By Chris Colasurdo
@cfcolasurdo on Twitter

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