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Kodak Black And His Valentine’s Day Heartbreak



Kodak Black/ DreamDoll
Kodak Black/ DreamDoll Credit: XXL magazine

Kodak Black tried to take advantage of the romance in the air. Love is expressed boldly every year on Valentine’s Day. If you’re boo’d up, then you and your significant other convey your love for one another with grand gestures and if you’re single you can take this day to declare your feelings for another.  Celebrities are not exempt from the feelings of V-day and they go bigger than the rest of us on this day for lovers.

A Kodak Love

Kodak Black made his feelings about DreamDoll public on Instagram. Black posted on Instagram with a loving caption that made it clear how he felt about the gorgeous DreamDoll. The post has been deleted from Kodak’s page. Things did not go well for the Gleerious artist. DreamDoll decided to comment on the Instagram post and quickly dampen Kodak Black’s hopes of making her his Valentine.




Kodak Black performaning

Kodak Black performing in Miami Gardens, Fl. (2021). Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images

Kodak Black’s Response

Kodak Black got on IG Live to respond after he was publicly denied. DreamDoll brought the super gremlin out of the hip-hop artist. His rant was focused on women who think they are better than the men pursuing them. Kodak also doesn’t like the fact that women don’t have to be presentable in order for a man to see their beauty. Yak believes that women don’t give men the same chance.

Secrets Revealed

Kodak went on to say that the two use to have an interest in each other before Doll made her money. According to him, she was faking for the public because her bank account is adding up. Black wants his truth to come out.

“Behind the scenes, they going”

Mr. Black continued by talking about how he took jabs at the music of DreamDoll. He referred to her and Yung Miami’s music as trash and he believes she took offense to that.

“Y’all gotta let me smash cause the music a little trash”

The love is completely gone between Kodak and DreamDoll. Valentine’s Day was a fail for the gremlin. It is sad to see the heartbreak play out for all to see but I wouldn’t expect anything less from hip-hop artists.


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