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Kodak Black Is Permitted To Tour Under New Probation Conditions Since Trump’s Pardon



Kodak Black
Image Source: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Even though Judge Jose Martinez rejected Kodak Black‘s request for early termination of his probation, he did make it easier for the Florida rapper to maintain his career.

“The Government and Probation oppose early termination of supervised release,” according to court documents obtained by AllHipHop. “Probation opposes early termination because of Defendant’s history of violence and compliance issues during supervised release. Neither the Government nor U.S. Probation, however, oppose converting Defendant’s supervised release to a non-reporting status.”

The changeover to “non-reporting status” implies that Kodak is free to travel and tour. This is excellent news for Kodak, who just released his fourth studio album, Back For Everything.

“It is hereby ordered and adjudged that Defendant’s Motion for Early Termination of Supervised Release is denied without prejudice,” the judge ruled. “However, Defendant’s supervised release shall be converted into a non-reporting status. Defendant shall comply with all conditions of non-reporting supervised release, as set forth by U.S. Probation.”

Donald Trump Releases Kodak Black From Prison But Keeps Him On Probation

President Donald Trump granted the “ZEZE”  lyricist freedom from prison through presidential pardons before leaving office in Jan. 2021. Trump released Kodak from prison but kept him on probation despite his 21-month prison sentence for falsifying information to purchase firearms.

Attorney Bradford Cohen initially requested early termination of the Sniper Gang spitter’s probation based on good behavior, but authorities declined. Kodak violated his probation after testing positive for MDMA during a drug test. He underwent a 90-day rehabilitation program, which he completed last December.

Kodak Black released Back For Everything on Feb. 25. The 19-track project includes one guest appearance from Lil Durk.

Additionally, he released a video for his single “Love Isn’t Enough” on Tuesday (Apr. 5). View the video below.

Written by Nikiya Biggs

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