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Lauren London Proves True Love is Forever With Tribute to Nipsey Hussle



Yesterday Lauren London showed the world she hadn’t forgotten the love of her life, Nipsey Hussle; honoring him in tribute.

London’s Tribute

On March 31, Lauren London took to Instagram to pen a few words in memoriam of her late husband, Nipsey Hussle. Her tribute was sentimental yet sobering. Like a devoted wife still reminiscent of a love lost, London wrote,

“Loving you here, there, then, now, forever, and after. Long Live the King. “

Indeed there is nothing like a sweet tribute from a queen in honor of her king.

The Depths of  London’s Commemoration

Not only did London share this tribute, but she also provided a few images of the late Hussle, reminding the world of the stately man and performer he was. Additionally, she elevated the moment by posting another inspirational message written in memoriam.

“I may not see you, but I feel you in the moon and the stars and the seasons always changing. Telling me though I may seem alone, that you never really left.

Hussle’s Impact

Much like London mentioned in tribute a year ago, the years pass quickly, although it feels like yesterday. And though he is gone, his presence has never departed. He continues to live in the hearts of his wife, family, friends, and fans. The fact that he existed was enough to impact the world. And although some within the world may let his passing slip their memory, the ones who do remember are enough to keep his legacy burning bright.

Hussle’s Light

Hussle’s life was cut short in a tragic shooting like many of his artist counterparts. The sobering reality of the impact remains the same today as it did four years ago. Hussle was only getting started. The extent of what he could have done in the world would never be fully realized. Sadly, it made us look at the hip-hop community and the growing rot of unmitigated violence. Unfortunately, the light continues to spotlight the pervasiveness of the issue.

In Conclusion

Hussle stands as a reminder that life is precious, and the loss of any life diminishes the whole. So today, we remember alongside London in celebration of light extinguished too soon.

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Written by Renae Richardson


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