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Lil Gotit Suspects Someone Is Trying To Break Into Lil Keed’s Grave



Image Source: WireImage
Image Source: WireImage

According to Lil Gotit, rapper & blood brother of Lil Keed, there’s someone that’s been trying to break into Keed’s grave. The young Atlanta prodigy passed away earlier this year (May 13) due to organ failure. This news came only days after his labelmates on Young Stoner Life Records (YSL) received RICO charges for multiple Atlanta crimes. Overall, May was a rough month for both YSL fans & the city of Atlanta, GA as a whole. While we wait for the fate of the successful label started by Young Thug, Keed’s story will never be forgotten. It’s a shame that haters or opposition would try entering his gravesite without permission for reasons likely to be negative.


Lil Gotit’s Response To The Unwanted Guests

Lil Gotit is very vocal about his displeasure with the grave intruders. This is quite understandable as no one wants to see their deceased sibling’s resting place disturbed or vandalized. On his Instagram story yesterday (September 8th) Gotit wrote, “Whoever going to Keed grave tryna unscrew him out the wall and stuff, when I catch [you] it ain’t gone be nan nice, so I hope [you] see this message!!!!!” This warning may or may not stop the infiltrator, but will at least set the tone right. We wish that Lil Keed & his spirit rest peacefully in his Atlanta gravesite.

Image Source: Lil Gotit's Instagram

Image Source: Lil Gotit’s Instagram


The Future Of YSL After Keed Death & Rico Case

As mentioned above, Lil Keed’s unfortunate death came right after YSL got served RICO charges back in May. Label owner Young Thug & premiere artist Gunna are sitting in federal custody awaiting their trial date to attempt beating these catastrophic charges. Ideally, Lil Keed would’ve had to be the one to hold the label down since he didn’t get imprisoned with his peers. Do you think Lil Keed could’ve carried the label if still alive? And will YSL have a future after this RICO case comes to a conclusion in the next few months?


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Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav

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