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Lil Xan Sets The Record Straight On Being A “Snitch,” TDE’s Punch Responds



Lil Xan doing drugs on camera. Image source: HotNewHipHop

After alleging that his former manager, Stat Quo, provided him drugs at the peak of his drug addiction, Lil Xan straightened the record. While some have called him a “snitch” for telling, he is coming to his defense on the topic. In a recent Instagram Live video, the rapper said he can’t be labeled a rat because he isn’t affiliated with gangs.

“It’s like half are saying, ‘Yo, thank God you are spreading the word,'” Lil Xan said. “And the other half is, ‘Oh, you’re a snitch now, bro. He didn’t make you do that.’ All this stuff. Like, bro, I’m not a gang banger.”

Xan then continued to speak, “I’m a civilian. How am I a snitch? Did I go to court and rat on my gang? I don’t have a gang. You can’t snitch if you’re not a fucking gang member, bro. Miss me with that. I’m trying to help other artists, particularly in my same similar situation, not die or go down the same path and get in bad deals.”

Punch Has Some Questions

Top Dawg Entertainment’s Punch then had some follow-up questions regarding Lil Xan’s statements. In a series of tweets, he says, “This Lil Xanax things is interesting. I’m definitely not insensitive to addiction and everything that it brings, but I’m curious, how much of an artist personal life is a manager responsible for??”

He then continued, “Such irony. Cause some of the greatest music we all love was made under the influence of drugs.”

Lil Xan Taking Accountability

Lil Xan is not putting all of the blame on Stat Quo. He also mentioned on a Youtube video that the rapper blames himself as well. “[Am] I putting 100% of the blame on him?” he wrote. “No I was a drug addict how could I! Am I telling you that he was doing nothing but speeding up my drug use by supplying me the very pills that could’ve killed me? YES! I’m making this public because I know in my heart this happens way too often, and it’s how we end up losing some of the greatest artist way too young.”

Lil Xan’s real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos; he also mentioned that he no longer wishes to be known as Lil Xan. Diego claimed that Quo “knew all my plugs, so if I couldn’t perform because I was withdrawing back then – because yes, I used to be a drug addict – he would make calls, send $5,000 out here, just to ship the drugs to wherever we were.” While his name popularizes the drug Xanax, it seems he is heading in a better direction and informing fans on the dangers of substance abuse.

Written by Roy Lott.

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