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Lizzo Could be Addressing Claims In Court



Lizzo Court Case Going To Trial
Lizzo. Image source: Jamie McCarthy, Getty Images.

Following recent allegations made against Lizzo, the public was thrown into shock. With more and more supporting those allegations, momentum began to build. Following a spike in allegations, the “Special” star determined enough was enough.

On Aug. 3, Lizzo chose to respond on social media. However, Lizzo’s address did little to settle the issue. Reportedly, the next steps are in play. And Lizzo’s next address might be in a court of law.


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Lizzo Faces Unbelievable Claims

Tuesday, Aug. 2, a few young women under Lizzo’s employ filed a suit against the performer. According to Arise TV, “the civil lawsuit filed Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court claims the star put pressure on her dancers to engage with nude performers at a club in Amsterdam and shamed one for weight gain before firing her.”

A day later, the “Truth Hurts” performer went public with her sentiments. According to Lizzo, “These sensationalized stories come from former employees who have already publicly admitted that they were told their behavior on tour was inappropriate and unprofessional.”

Interestingly, more than a few saw Lizzo’s statements as dismissive. Cue act two.

Lizzo’s Address Spurs Action

After Lizzo’s address, the claimant’s representation issued a statement expressing their incredulity. According to Neama Rahmani, “Given Lizzo denies any of this happened, let’s take it to trial.”

Thus, the course is set. There are undoubtedly some who are awaiting a response from the performer’s team, but as of late, there has been no response.

What’s Next?

This is not going away anytime soon. In fact, as time presses, the more expansive the snowball of complainants is likely to get. There is a lot of bandwagoning going on at the moment, which is typically par for the course when it comes to such situations. But regardless, it is not good news for Lizzo. Increasing allegations raise skepticism.

What Does This Mean?

At this point, it seems she will have her day in court. Most unfortunate, however, is that the “Rumors” performer will already have to face a trial and judgment in the court of public opinion before she ever steps inside a courtroom. And once such a judgment is passed, it’s challenging to come back from it regardless of final decisions in a court of law.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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