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Lizzo Goes Off On Texas Anti Trans Policies And Abortion Laws




It looks like Lizzo had some words for Texas lawmakers Sunday night. The Truth Hurts singer was the keynote speaker at South by Southwest, Austin’s annual cultural and music conference. Using her platform, she criticized the state’s recent policies regarding abortions and transgender people.

Lizzo shared a clip of her interview with Angela Yee discussing the issue on Twitter.

“Who is protecting us from lawmakers’ biases? Your personal beliefs shouldn’t be reflected in the laws that are supposed to protect all Americans,” the caption read. “We have politicized bodies for far too long in this country. It’s time to focus on real issues and mind ya business. Thank u SBSW.”

The video also shared Lizzo saying, “I’m proud to rep Houston, but I’m not proud to rep Texas politics right now.” The Grammy winner’s message garnered huge applause from the audience.

Lizzo addresses state policies

In late February, Texas governor Greg Abbott issued a directive to investigate families who seek gender-affirming care for their children. Additionally, the order also encouraged Texans to report these families to child services for abuse allegations.

However, District Judge Amy Clark Meachum issued a temporary injunction against the directive on Friday. In addition, Lizzo also attacked the state’s abortion laws, which make it illegal to have an abortion after six weeks.

“We got a lotta other things y’all need to be handling instead of y’all being in people’s homes and telling them what to do with their bodies and being all up in their uteruses,” Lizzo said. “The abortion ban is atrocious as well. Mind your business. Stay out of my body.”


Lizzo at the 2021 Grammys.

Lizzo on self-love

Outside of politics, Lizzo touched on other topics including a new album as well as her self-love journey. The Houston native admitted that self-love did not come easy to her when talking about inspiration.

“It didn’t come easy. It came from a sense of deep loneliness. And it’s like, well if you’re by yourself, make the best of it. Fall in love with yourself. Be inspired by yourself. Big yourself up. And I think once I healed that, whatever that deep wound is maybe I inherited that wound of loneliness and not feeling worthy or lovable, once I did that I was able to see all of these people around me who had been giving me love my entire life.”

Written by Olan Bryant



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