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Lizzo Sparks Latest Controversy of Who Is Pop Royalty On Twitter



Lizzo Sparks Controversy on 'The Queen of Pop'

The Grammy award-winning pop star ‘Lizzo’ is facing some backlash on her views of who are pop music’s head honchos. Lizzo tweeted out, “King of Pop – Michael Jackson, Queen of Pop Janet Jackson, Prince of Pop – Bieber, Princess of Pop – Brittany Spears, The Pop Princess – Rihanna, Queen of Music – Beyonce.”

Lizzo and the Clash of Fans

This had haymakers flying at her from every corner of the music world. Fans of Mariah Carey came out swinging first, one fan commented “Sorry but Mariah is The Queen of Music. The charts don’t lie sweetie. History was made.”  Valid points indeed, but not enough to cause a stir in the ring of elites.

Then came the fans of Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande, true contenders in the ring of pop but still preliminary opposers to those named.

Then came the Madonna fans, the heavyweights. Heads were ringing with receipts and accolades on both sides we couldn’t even tell who was actually winning.


Madonna fans swarmed Lizzo’s post with urgency. One fan commented, “stop smoking crazy!! If this is an inspirational tweet? OK… but facts are facts, Madonna is Queen of POP… so disrespectful to Madonna.”

Along with the ‘crown royale of pop’ fans also speculated that Janet Jackson indeed has the accolades to be pronounced the Queen of Pop according to Daily Mail, “In addition to earning five Grammy awards, the rhythm nation singer has sold over 180 million records during her career.” Janet has also been nominated in multiple genres of music as well.

So, both sides have valid claims. Lizzo put all the fun and education with music taking us back to our roots as we slowly progress into a new era of life.

Despite all the controversy, this debate has a healthy dialogue. It lets us reminisce and uplift artists we were raised on, informing the younger generations. What do you think of Lizzo’s tweet? Who are your Kings and Queens in music? Let us know in the comments.

Written By: Christian McBride

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