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Ludacris Gifts $10k for Photo Patch Prison App



Jay’Aina “Jay Jay” Patton and her father Antoine are creating an app to help incarcerated parents connect with their children. Ludacris had donated $10k to help them, being the generous person he is.

Jay Jay and Antoine had been invited to “The Ellen Show” to talk about the app that they are creating, ‘Photo Patch’. Photo Patch is an app that will help children send letters and pictures to their parents in prison. Antoine had been in prison before, so he and Jay Jay knows the struggles and how to overcome them.

On a mission

“Right now, I’m on a mission to help 10,000 girls of color get into the world of tech and start their career path,” Jay Jay told DeGeneres and the studio audience. She has also created a scholarship fund to help other girls of color get their start in the technology industries. “Just for me, there’s not much representation of people who look like me in the world of tech and I know other little girls want to get into this world. They don’t see that they can do it.”

DeGeneres then introduced her surprise guest, Ludacris. “[I] absolutely love what you’re doing. I have family members that are incarcerated and all they ever ask for is pictures.” He told Jay Jay and Antoine.

Ludacris then revealed his gift, saying “You guys are connecting the world. I have my own foundation that helps facilitate dreams for young ladies like yourself. I came here personally because I want to donate $10,000 to what you’re doing.”

Looking not to be upstaged, DeGeneres also donated $10,000. “If Ludacris is going to donate $10,000, then I feel like I should donate $10,000.”

Ludacris has offset the gift of giving with intention to facilitate a movement in the system.  We salute you!

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