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NBA YoungBoy Wants YouTubers To Stop Using His Music



NBA YoungBoy
NBA Youngboy at Lil WeezyAna Festival in 2018. Photo: Getty Images

NBA YoungBoy has a problem with YouTubers using his music for their videos.  On Instagram, he tries to get his label to stop YouTube creators from using his songs.  In voice memos sent to DJ Akademiks, NBA YoungBoy is heard saying that Atlantic is trying to sue him.  He has had trouble with Atlantic in the past where he claimed the label was blackballing him from record sales.

NBA Youngboy vs. Atlantic

When he released his mixtape “Colors”, YoungBoy accused Atlantic of preventing it from going number 1.  This led to an attempt to stop all rappers from signing with the prominent label.

“I don’t give a fuck you still can’t stop me don’t sign to Atlantic if you a artist they not gone support you especially if you live a certain way.”

Youngboy’s Problems

After his post, Youngboy’s fans were worried about the 22-year-old rapper.  He posted on Instagram that he is “hurting and tired”.  Youngboy’s frustrations are warranted as he does carry a lot of weight. Considering his eight children’s care while dealing with several relationships between the mothers, copyright infringement could send him over the edge.  Recently, Yaya Mayweather plead guilty to stabbing one of Youngboy’s baby mothers.  Next week, he is one trial for a gun case stemming from 2020.  With all this, he still keeps his work ethic going as he has another project that is set to drop in August!

While fans were supporting him on Instagram, other fans were defending him on Twitter.  He was accused of stealing Playboi Carti’s flow by none other than Playboi Carti’s loyal fanbase.  But NBA YoungBoy has a loyal fanbase as well and the two sides took to Twitter to clash.  It started after NBA Youngboy and DaBaby released a snippet of ‘Syracuse’, a track off of their album, “Better Than You”.  The snippet is on the internet as Youngboy’s voice has a high pitch like Playboy Carti.  Fans felt like Youngboy copies his flow on this song as well.

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Written By: Brandon Simmons

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