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New Details Emerge In The Takeoff’s Murder Case



Takeoff Murder Case New Details Emerge
Takeoff. Image source: Bryan Steffy, Getty Images for iHeartMedia.

As the prime suspect in Takeoff’s murder got out from jail on bond, more details appear from the fatal night of the artist’s death.

It’s been confirmed that the fatal shooting stemmed from a verbal argument between Quavo and two friends of Micheal Prince: Cameron Johnson and Christopher Watkins. Furthermore, the security footage from the Houston bowling alley and nearby House of Blues heavily implicated DJ Patrick Xavier Clark as the gunman.

In the footage gathered from the crime scene, Clark is allegedly firing rounds in Takeoff’s direction. The Houston DJ subsequently fled to a close by House of Blues before eventually returning to the initial scene. Clark still had a weapon in both videos. Despite this damning evidence, Clark was released on a $1M bond last week. Following his bond, Clark now has to wear an ankle monitor.

The New Details Of Takeoff’s Shooting

In a recent interview, comedian Shawty Shawty claims he’s been in communication with relatives of Takeoff and has new info on the shooting.

“So, they say they had been shooting basketball earlier, and then they got to the bowling alley, and they said there was a dice game,” Shawty began explaining on the Ugly Money podcast. “And they say that Quavo noticed that the dice were not right, and that’s where the argument started.”

Shawty then revealed his perspective on what happened during Takeoff’s murder case, “Quavo—Everybody know Quavo got a mouth. Everybody know Quavo talked junk. I don’t think that was the atmosphere to talk sh*t. You got to respect.”

Also, last week, Quavo released a tribute song to honor his late nephew. “Without You” is a heartfelt confession detailing the Atlanta rapper’s state of mind following the shooting. With nearly 9 million views and counting, Takeoff clearly has an army behind him in the face of an ongoing investigation. 

Written by Dreema Carrington 

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