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Nicki Minaj Announces Release Date of “Bussin”



Image source: YouTube.

Her constants musical hits are never enough for her or her fans. The rapper Nicki Minaj announced her new single “Bussin,” featuring Lil Baby. 

The new single “Bussin” was previewed at the end of the “Do We Have A Problem?” music video and the fans have been waiting ever since then. 

Nicki Minaj’s Previous Single, “Do We Have A Problem?”

This is not the first time we see these two rappers sharing the screen. On February 4th of this month, Minaj released her new and currently most recent single, “Do We Have A Problem?, also featuring the “Bigger Picture” star. Now the two are to release “Bussin,” which should be nonetheless exciting.

“Do We Have A Problem?” is currently trending on YouTube, being #1 trending for music. The video now has over 9 million views, and the count continues increasing. 

The Excitement In Social Media 

The Queen of Rap also showed her excitement on different social media accounts. “Next week, we pushin [B] for [B]ussin btch WTF IS GOOD,” Nicki tweeted on February 7th. 

Nicki also posted on her Instagram account. A picture of her posing in a hallway full of wires and a red light in the middle appeared on Nicki’s page. We can see Nicky wearing a short black dress with flames in the photo. At the bottom, it says “BUSSIN,” the new Nicki’s single title.

The talent of Lil Baby

Lil Baby has become one of the top rappers in the industry, as both he and his music continues surprising his fans. Nicki talked about Lil Baby’s great talent during an Instagram live stream. “But listen, the point is: Lil Baby went super-duper hard — pause — and it’s so refreshing to see people still care about that type of stuff. I still care about it.”

“Bussin” by Nicki Minaj will be released this Friday. You can’t miss it!

Written by Darian Mozo

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