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Nicki Minaj Gives Killer Wireless Festival Performance, Some Fans Fuming Over Late Arrival



nicki wireless performance
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One thing about Nick Minaj is that she always delivers a killer performance.

According to Metro, Nicki Minaj left some fans heated after arriving late to headline the 2022 Wireless Festival in London. The rapper was not only late by a half-hour but only performed 40 minutes out of 80 with no apology. Many times throughout her set, there had also been technical difficulties and multiple breaks. The source claims her mic and monitor were not in sync which caused a delay in her performance. Fans started to become irritated as she asked the crowd, “Can you guys give me 30 seconds.” She then took a wardrobe break leaning closer to the end of her set was over at 9:30 pm. Prior to her performance, around 3 pm on July 10th, reports state fans climbed over fences as the crowd started to weigh in due to an alleged shooting nearby, which caused fans to freak out and sparked their impatience.

Some Fans Expressed Their Disappointment With Nicki’s Lateness via Twitter.

Some fans were not happy with Minaj as she was once again late to her set. User @ShesFishy took to Twitter to say, “Lmaoo it wouldn’t be Nicki without her being late.” @JustJosie_x also tweeted, “Nicki Minaj was 40 minutes late. Performance was lazy. Set list was all over the place. & kept going go on and off the stage.” Some fans even said her lateness is unfair and unprofessional as tickets are already expensive.

Fans Excused Nicki Minaj’s Lateness After She Delivered A Fire Performance.

Although the “Do We Have A Problem?” rapper may have left some fans upset, she still owned the stage as she always does. Independent reports that the artist performed a variety of throwback songs leading up to her major hits including, “Anaconda,” “Side To Side,” “Whole Lotta Money,” which she brought out BIA for, and to top it all off, “Super Bass.” While many fans were not to fond of Minaj’s timing, she did seem to leave a great impression as she did give the fans what they have been waiting for which was an awesome performance. @mufaseek tweeted, “I know she’s late you guys but everyone there and watching the lives is gonna enjoy every moment when she arrives it’s gonna be one for the books I can feel it, NICKI X WIRELESS”


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