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Pacman & Hit-Boy Keep The Marathon Going



Pacman Presents "Bulletproof Soul," Produced By Hit-Boy
Pacman Da Gunman. Photo: James Mooney/Getty images.

Pacman da Gunman and Hit-Boy joined forces to create the “Bulletproof Soul” project. It came out earlier this month and is a great project. Pacman is also known to be with Nipsey Hussle’s All Money In Records. Now, he is thoroughly keeping Nipsey’s legacy and the marathon going.

Hit-Boy Makes Hits

The project starts off with “Not Your Average.” Giving a nice intro to begin the record, Hit presents a beat that will undoubtedly nod your head. Meanwhile, Pacman flows through the two-minute song, delivering California raps on a beat that sounds so California. 

“Bangin Late” follows, with a beat similar to “Not Your Average,” though more elevated. Hit and Pacman then pick up where they just left off to deliver a slapper. This one is to be played at maximum volume at the L.A. house party, on AUX, of course.

Presenting an anthem for the streets, Pacman also lets you know that he’s been out here for a long time, and if he doesn’t know you, you’re new here. 

Many people probably understand Pac. If you’re a part of the culture, you most likely grew up in the streets, also having to do certain (usually illegal) things until recognition. Pac was out here and knows who’s who. According to the artist, the ones getting their names now just started into this lifestyle and haven’t spent enough time involving themselves in illegal activities. Consequentially, this apparently means these artists are not real.

Pacman’s Pen

“Told Us Not To Do It,” one of Pacman’s most popular songs off his discography (according to Spotify), features Peezy. Hit-Boy is in the rhythm as the instrumentals flow right into each other. 

As previously mentioned, “Bangin Late” seems like a more elevated beat than “Not Your Average.” Meanwhile, “Told Us Not To Do It” seems even higher than “Bangin Late!” 

As soon as the beat drop, your head starts to nod again. Peezy executes his guest verse while mentioning that “The Marathon” is still going. Long live Nipsey Hussle!

Hit-Boy switches up the tempo for a minute for Pacman to really vent. In “The Cycle,” featuring B.Carr, Pacman struggles with losing people as he asks to talk to God. He realizes this is the cycle of living in the streets or possibly just the process of life. B. Carr does a great job on the chorus as he sums this song up, relating to how Pacman’s feeling.

California Vibe

There’s no way this project does not give you a California vibe! “New Heat” is a song you want to listen to while driving down the L.A. freeway, top-down with the sun in your face. Hit-Boy can make you feel good with this easy-listening record after heavy-hearted “The Cycle.” 

With the help of J Stone, Pacman helps listeners envision the L.A. life: beautiful women, fancy cars, sunny weather, big blunts, and plenty of jewelry!

The California ride then continues with “Find A Balance,” as Pacman shows his versatility by giving something the women can take and listen to. Hit-Boy takes a classic sample and turns it into my favorite song off the album!

Accompanied by Dom Kennedy, both West Coast emcees explain to women how to handle a hustler. Turns out it’s also not easy. Pacman keeps the ride going on “Cold Nights on 60th St” as he reminisces while Hit-Boy drives. He reflects on Nipsey’s advice, and as the song plays out, it reminds me of Nipsey and Swizz Beatz’s “Been Down.”

The project ends with “Ask God,” featuring Yhung T.O. and “Til We Meet Again.” The ode to Nipsey as Pacman hopes to reconnect with his friend one day. He pays homage to him for the message he spoke and how he influenced the world. He mentions his loved ones, such as Black Sam, Nipsey’s brother, Imani and Kross, Nipsey’s children, and his wife, Lauren London. Throughout the project, Pacman’s relationship with God and the afterlife is a recurring theme. He manages to keep his faith while battling through loss and struggle.


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The Marathon Must Go On

I rate this project an 8 out of 10, B+! I am a fan of this tape, and this is the second straight project Pacman has executed on. With Hit-Boy’s production, the project rises to another level! Pacman’s writing ability and Hit-Boy’s production genius can take listeners to many different places in under 25 minutes! There are songs for the club, songs for the streets, songs for the car, songs for the women, songs for a cookout, songs for a funeral, etc.

Bulletproof Soul does not disappoint. Big shout out to Pacman da Gunman and Hit-Boy, The Marathon Continues!

WRITTEN BY: Brandon Simmons

Listen To “Bulletproof Soul” By Pacman da Gunman & Hit-Boy Below:

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