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Plies Expresses His Political Sentiments Regarding The 2024 Biden And Harris Ticket



Plies Political Sentiments Expressed On Twitter
Plies. Image source: Neilson Barnard, Getty Image.

In recent times, Hip Hop artists have risen as influential figures in shaping the national discourse on various crucial subjects, spanning from social justice and economic inequalities to weighty political matters. On September 15, one such artist, Plies, garnered considerable attention for his thought-provoking political viewpoint concerning a 2024 Biden/Harris presidential ticket. And it is something to chew on.

The Perspective at Hand

2024 is rapidly approaching, and constituents of this nation understand that with the advancing new year comes great political responsibility. Why? 2024 is a pivotal election year, and President Joe Biden stands as the presumptive Democratic nominee. Alongside him, Vice President Kamala Harris is expected to continue as his running mate.

Fundamentally, nothing is shocking about such as this is a traditional process. If desirous, the incumbent runs for re-election. However, there has been much discussion surrounding Biden’s fitness to preside for another four years, given his current age. President Joe Bidden is currently 80 years of age. At 80 years old, his potential re-election would position him as one of the oldest presidents in American history.

The concerns that naturally accompany the aging of individuals in such high-stress positions are no secret. And it is these concerns that have left many constituents feeling apprehensive about supporting this ticket.

Plies Divergence in Opinion

Plies, a well-known Hip Hop artist, has a different political opinion, which he has publicly voiced. The artist believes the apprehension surrounding a potential Biden-Harris 2024 ticket runs deeper than age-related concerns.

The artist contends that the discussions surrounding President Biden’s age serve as a facade. In a post he made, Plies stated, “The Reason This Age Thing Is Front and center with Biden Is B/c Who He Appointed As His Successor! It’s One of America’s Biggest Fears & That’s A Woman Running This Country. Let Alone One of Color! It’s Not About Kamala Harris It’s More About Two Things America FEARS! Women & Color.”

Nothing New But a Strong Indicator

While it has not gone unconsidered, it is a point of view that is not exactly often broached, perhaps due to politically correct etiquette. Plies, however, has demonstrated a willingness to bring such political viewpoints to the forefront. It underscores the fact that race and gender have consistently played significant roles in political dialogues, particularly in recent elections.

The persistence of these issues prompts us to question the extent of societal growth and progress. Should these factors persistently exert a strong influence on the choice of an appropriate national leader, it prompts significant inquiries about whether there is indeed a path toward effective change.

Looking at The Numbers

As per reports, the approval ratings for both Vice President Kamala Harris and President Biden are closely aligned. The most recent average data from The LA Times reveals that President Biden holds a favorable rating of 41% and an unfavorable rating of 54%, resulting in a net rating of approximately -13 percentage points.

Similarly, 39% of registered voters hold a favorable opinion of Vice President Harris, while 54% express an unfavorable view, translating to a net rating of around -15 percentage points. While these figures may not be considered particularly impressive, they do not indicate a definitive outcome either.

Another Look At Plies Argument

Plies’ assessment may be accurate; however, it’s essential to acknowledge that it’s a sweeping statement that may only relate to specific segments of the population. Ideally, as the decision-making moment approaches, the majority will avoid such ideologies if they harbor them. However, politics is a fickle game, and the only real determinant is time.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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