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Plies Reacts To Montgomery, Alabama Riverboat Fight: Leaving Fans In Tears



Rapper Plies at the BET Hip Hop Awards in 2017. Image source: GETTY IMAGES FOR BET/PARAS GRIFFIN.

Rapper Plies has reacted to the viral Montgomery, Alabama riverboat fight. He couldn’t help himself and had to join the chat about the brawl at the Riverfront Park. The Floridian rapper is known to never hold back and posted a video saying, “I wish I was in Alabama tonight!” He says this while pretending to fight solo and adds, “Them boys was giving it to y’all… Y’all gonna stop thinking them boys is bulls***in’ in Alabama.” The “Bust It Baby” rapper puts on an animated reenactment in the clip, even pretending to swim like the dubbed “Black Aquaman” in the brawl.

Witnesses Speak Out About the Viral Brawl

The rapper continued to add, “I wish I was there” as he jumped around the bathroom. The 1 minute and 6 second clip has over 1 million views on X (formerly known as Twitter). Therefore, Algernod Lanier Washington better known as Plies was not the only person still talking about the crazy viral fight – witnesses are now describing the scene. The bystanders claim the brawl stemmed from alcohol and adrenaline.

How Did The Fight Start?

The violence that took place on Saturday, August 5 around 7 p.m. started when a guard advised a group of people not to dock their boat in a specific area. The individuals decided to ignore him, leading to a shirtless man charging at the guard. The men were throwing fists back and forth until a few other men circled and jumped him. The horrific sight resulted in Aaren dubbed the “Black Aquaman” jumping and swimming in the water to go help the crew member. Plus several bystanders running towards the scene to help the victim, which turned into a full on brawl on the dock. At least one person was knocked into the water.

Police Officers Arrived On The Scene

The physical altercation did not last long as officers reportedly arrived with warrants. However, it looks like no arrests have been made yet. Montgomery Police Department are looking at multiple videos from the public and the city’s surveillance systems. This is a developing news story.

Written by Vhannah | Instagram | YouTube

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