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PnB Rock Girlfriend Speaks her Truth in IG Post



PNB rock
via instagram @stephsibounheuang

The surviving victim of the armed robbery that took PnB Rocks’ life is finally speaking out about the tragedy.

Stephanie Sibounheuang is the mother of PnB Rock‘s daughter Xuri Li and was a longtime girlfriend to the Philly artist. In a matter of moments, her life was changed when Freddie Trone and his son robbed and killed PnB in a Los Angeles restaurant back in September. While the incident occurred only last month, several arrests and large developments have been made already. Freddie Trone, along with his teenage son and partner has been apprehended and given various charges ranging from murder to second-degree robbery.


This comes after a heartbreaking set of weeks for Sibounheuang. Almost immediately after news broke of the shooting On Sep 12, several viral Twitter posts were made alluding to her taking part in the crime. The same day as the robbery, Stephanie posted a picture of her food to her Instagram story along with a location tag. This led many fans to believe the shooters tracked PnB down using the post. Of course, Sibounheuang was immediately met with a wave of hate from all corners of the internet. accusations of a premeditated murder came pouring down, and only stopped after a breakthrough discovery was made by police. Apparently, the shooters were sitting outside the restaurant that day before the couple even arrived. This makes a setup impossible on Stephanie’s part.

Since the shooting, the dust has settled and some progress has been made on the case. Stephanie is now telling her side of the traumatic event. She posted a lengthy message to Instagram Oct 14 to express her sadness.

A Sobering Message

“I am 100% not ok. If I wasn’t spiritual I could kill myself” she typed. Stephanie then went on to reveal PnB pushed her under the table before she could get caught in the gunfire.

She continues to give details of that day, including the interrogation process. “…to being forced out the restaurant, to not be able to go in the ambulance or the hospital, Car keys, purse and my phone taken from me, forced in the back of a police car, locked in an interrogation room all night,” she expounded.

“My last day with u. I told you “I know you my husband. I know you my soulmate” she disclosed. “Even it was for a little bit. At least we got to experience what having a soul mate is… and for that.…I am grateful.”

Stephanie ended her post with a humbling reminder to both famous artists and fans. “No matter how rich u are, how famous u are, how spiritual u are. Some pain is inevitable.”

Written By Dreema Carrington

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