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Podbean Introduces WorldStarHipHop Podcast “Immediately Kinfolk”



"Immediately Kinfolk" Introduced By Podbean
"Immediately Kinfolk." Image Source: Podbean/ppoolmedia

Podbean has recently unveiled a new addition to the podcasting landscape. This fresh offering, “Immediately Kinfolk,” a WorldStarHipHop podcast, promises a diverse and comprehensive audio experience, delivering rich and varied programming to its audience.

“Immediately Kinfolk” – A WorldStarHiphop Podcast

The recently introduced “Immediately Kinfolk” is a WorldStarHiphop podcast. The podcast creator and host is none other than Kia Shine. And serving as the co-host is producer DeRone Payne.

This podcast is designed to spotlight a diverse range of individuals, including artists, producers, athletes, comedians, businesses, and various creatives. The content lineup encompasses exclusive interviews, music reviews, and live performances. Yet, it goes beyond that – “Immediately Kinfolk” positions itself as the go-to platform offering listeners an insider’s view of the latest topics, trends, and talent in the music industry. It stands as a singular destination, providing podcast enthusiasts with an unforgettable and immersive experience.

Kia Shine: Music, Artistry, and “Immediately Kinfolk”

Kia Shine, the creative force driving “Immediately Kinfolk,” is a rapper and record producer. He has made his mark as a collaborator on various projects with artists such as Yo Gotti, Jim Jones, Nelly, and Mike Jones. However, that is only a tip of Shine’s dabble in the industry.

Shine’s artistic journey has played a pivotal role in shaping his current standing in the industry. In an interview with All Women’s Talk, he reflects,

“I know God had bigger plans for me. It just took me a little bit longer to realize that music is the thing he wanted me to do.”

Armed with that newfound understanding, Shine diligently paved his path forward. Notably, the release of his hit single “Krispy” in 2007, garnered mass attention. His artistry earned him the Southern Entertainment Award for Independent Artist of the Year that same year

Shine’s Push Further

Beyond music, Kia Shine’s talents extended to film, where he secured roles in notable productions such as “They Cloned Tyrone,” “Superfly,” and the popular series “Atlanta.” Currently, Shine wears a new hat as the host of “Immediately Kinfolk,” showcasing his ongoing evolution and versatility in the entertainment landscape.

Podbean: Pioneering Podcast Excellence

Among Podbean’s extensive podcast catalog, “Immediately Kinfolk” stands out as one of the many offerings. Since its inception in 2006, Podbean has been dedicated to delivering innovative podcasting, live audio, enterprise audio, and video software as a service. The Podbean Blog notes that the platform presently hosts over 600,000 podcasts, and is actively expanding its content library to cater to diverse listener preferences.

Checkout “Immediately Kinfolk”

For those eager to experience what “Immediately Kinfolk” brings to the table, the podcast is readily available for streaming on most major platforms. Furthermore, enthusiasts can anticipate a fresh episode dropping every Tuesday.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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