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FX’s Atlanta Creator Donald Glover’s Sad Reaction After Season Three Backlash



Atlanta Third Season Backlash Saddened Glover
LaKeith Stanfield, Zazie Beetz, Donald Glover, and Tyree Henry in Atlanta, 2022. Image source: Matthias Clamer, FX Networks.

Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, has become a household name. His work ranges from making hit tracks like “This is America” to co-starring with Rihanna in Guava Island to his latest project Amazon Prime’s “Swarm.”

Donald Glover’s Creative Playground Explained

Glover recently was the center of a GQ piece, giving all the juicy details of “his creative playground.”

He got emotional about FX’s Atlanta’s season 3 reception and talked about the points he was trying to make in the show. 

The publication touched on Jordan Peele helping the “Atlanta” creator get Liam Neeson on an episode. Plus, the reception of the four seasons of the iconic show with some guest stars like Neeson, Chet Hanks, Migos, Katt Williams, and the late Kevin Samuels.

Atlanta Season Three Backlash And Decline In Viewership

The show always found a way to be weird and quirky and maintain individuality — while honoring Black culture.

However, it seems the Grammy-winning artist did not take the reception well of the third season.

“It was widely received as too weird. Confusing. Try-hard. It didn’t only push people away, it upset them,” Childish Gambino mentions to GQ.

Season 3 reportedly hit a more than 60% decline in viewership.

Glover’s Response To The Backlash

Swarm’s executive producer defends the season calling it, “one of the most original seasons of TV ever.”

Glover further explained, “What season three of “Atlanta” revealed is that it’s nearly impossible for a Black public figure to be successfully critical of Black America when they’re a person who white America doesn’t find intimidating.”

Glover was also “very sad” by the backlash he received. Gambino even admitted to the publication that he “cried.”

What’s Season Three About?

The third season takes place in Europe as Paper Boi tours the region. The four friends try to adjust to the temporary new normal but have some trouble doing so.

It also came four years after the second season, which possibly played a part in the cold reception.

Atlanta Third Season Backlash Saddened Glover

The poster of “Atlanta” TV show. Image source: FX Networks.

Donald Glover is now executive producing Amazon Prime’s “Swarm.” A story about a serial killer obsessed with a Beyoncé

-like figure.

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