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Quinta Brunson’s Spotlight On Trevor Noah’s “What Now?” Podcast



Quinta Brunson On "What Now? with Trevor Noah"
Quinta Brunson. Image source: Obidi Nzeribe.

On Feb. 1, Quinta Brunson, the mastermind behind the highly praised series “Abbot Elementary,” was featured on the most recent episode of “What Now? with Trevor Noah.” The thought-provoking discussion lasted for 49 minutes and 42 seconds.

During that time frame, Brunson dove into introspective themes, serving as a wellspring of enlightenment for her fan base.

Quinta Brunson: The Tenacious Trailblazer

Brunson stands out as one of the most hardworking women in the entertainment industry, truly embodying the essence of hustle. Her creative skills turned a comedic drama about an average elementary school into a massive hit. No overnight sensation, Brunson’s triumph was a gradual process, a testament to her persistent efforts over time. Brunson, a professed go-getter, did what she could to make a path for herself. As Yahoo notes, she began as a production and stylist assistant and consistently added to her resume. And despite early struggles to monetize her talents, Brunson persevered until she broke through.

Crafting Comedy With Purpose

In her candid exploration of her craft, inspiration, and journey, the unassuming Brunson unfolded like an open book. According to Brunson, she’s always been a creator, a sentiment echoed in her content. However, it is her purpose which is illuminating. As she notes to Noah, she believes it’s a part of comedy to question one’s surroundings but not to bring them down. In essence, the ultimate goal is to contribute to a better world. It was in this pursuit that “Abbott Elementary” was born.

Trevor Noah’s Path

Noah, the esteemed host, also stands as a shining example of diligent work leading to a significant level of success. He, who is also a comedian, author, and host, became a household name after landing a position as host of “The Daily Show.” During his seven-year tenure on the show, he accomplished remarkable feats. According to Stylecaster, He departed the award-winning satirical current affairs show on a high, with 15 Emmy nominations and one win, as well as being named one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People. 

In 2023, the launch of What Now? with Trevor Noah,” a newly minted Spotify podcast, was announced. Since its premiere, Noah has sat down with numerous celebrities, entrepreneurs, icons, trendsetters, and a litany of inspirers. Some of those guests include Mayor Karen Bass, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Da Baby, Mark Cuban, Kevin Hart, Bill Gates, and more. 

Concluding Reflection

On Feb. 1, Quinta Brunson took center stage, offering a glimpse into her life and experiences. For those who missed this enlightening and informative episode, it is now accessible on Spotify and various other streaming platforms. While tuning in, seize the opportunity to catch up with other noteworthy guests who share their aspirations. The diverse array of conversations is sure to be a rewarding experience.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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