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Remy Ma Reveals First Ever All Female Rap Battle Tournament!



Remy Ma
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Remy Ma is arguably one of the greatest female rappers in the game. The artist is now helping other upcoming rappers live their dreams. Recently, the Bronx native revealed she’ll be holding the first-ever all-female rap battle tournament show.

Beginning on October 30th, the show, called The Tournament, will involve of 16 contestants from the rap community. By the end of the show, the winner will take home a grand prize of $25,000. On Monday, October 10th, Remy went live on Instagram to announce each of the contestants. The Chrome23 creator also took to Twitter to say, “$25,000 is up for grabs!! I’m back on my Battle Rap sh*t! @ChromeTwenty3 is having the first ever ALL FEMALE BATTLE RAP TOURNAMENT ! Sunday, October 30th in New York! Winner gets $25,000 LIVE DRAWING OF NAMES ON MY IG LIVE 2NITE TO SEE WHO BATTLES WHO!!! & the contestants are…”

Remy gives a rundown on Instagram Live!

During the stars live, Remy announced not only announced the names of each contestant, but gave us a little rundown of how the show will play out. She explains that there will be 3 rounds which consist of 90 seconds.  The Tournament comes from Remy debuting Chrome 23, an all female rap battle league just for women. The idea is to support women in the rap and hip-hop culture equally. Back in February, she hosted first Chrome event along with Papoose and Fat Joe called “Queens Get The Money.

Last year when Remy revealed her female rap battle league, the artist said,

“I want all the women that have ever put their blood, sweat and tears into this, that’s been doing this for years to get a chance to really make some decent money.”

The Tournament first round matchups include QB vs. Chayna Ashley, C3 vs. 40 BARRS, Chetta vs. E. Hart, Ms. Miami vs. Hazzy, C-Bri The Lyricist vs. Shiest Raw, Bonnie vs. Kay Prophet, Cheyraq vs. Kausion and Yoshi G vs. Koko Kakez. Fans can stream the show October 30th, on



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