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Juelz Santana Basks In The Glow Of His New Freedom



Freedom is delightful, as Santana is undoubtedly feeling right now.

Santana Boasts About His Freedom

On Thursday, Santana had a surprise for some of his fans. Fans were treated to a clip of Juelz with a couple of friends. The rapper was partaking in a bit of recreational smoking. In a delighted response to an inquiry into what he was up to, Santana stated,

“Fresh off papers two days ago!”

If fans didn’t quite get the picture after taking some weed from a friend, the artist was clear on the extent of his freedom,

“I can blow whatever I want you heard and knockout.”

What Landed Santana in the Clink

Santana caught a charge in 2018. As a result, he got a sentence. The artist went in on a weapons charge after attempting to board an airplane with a loaded .38 caliber weapon. The artist pleaded guilty. Thus, as a source notes, he spent 19 months out of his 27-month sentence in a correctional facility in Hopewell, Virginia.

Santana began serving his sentence in 2019. He was finally set free in August of 2021. He immediately started his probationary period. As of February 22, 20222, his probation was finally done. So now the artist is free, free.

Is Work Calling

Although the artist is free, his fans expect him to get back to work. One thing is sure; lock-up was not a thing to stop Santana. He released content in 2020, proving even incarceration couldn’t put his talent on lock. In 2020 fans got a sample of what they were missing with #23 & 1. However, that was two years ago.4

Fans are once again starting to get the itch. But, despite the thirst, fans probably have little to worry about there. Juelz will get back to it when he’s ready because that is what artists do.

However, Santana is a man enjoying the sweet nectar of freedom. Can we blame him? Nevertheless, as new projects arise for the artist, FM Hip Hop will share the news.

For a look back to when Juelz Santana first faced his imprisonment, check out FM Hip Hop’s retrospective article.

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