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Saweetie and a Fan Share a Moment at Rolling Loud Miami



Saweetie And A Fan Share A Moment At Rolling Loud Miami
Marcus McDonald/Rolling Loud

One fan found himself the object of Saweetie’s eye at the Rolling Loud Miami stage Friday. After performing “Don’t Say Nothing,” a man in the front caught the rapper’s eye. Before asking his name, she said “I love being single but um, this gentleman right here … he got this little chain on.” She then announced to the crowd that the man is “my type,” referencing one of her biggest hits. This led to her performance of “My Type.”

A video of the interaction went up on TikTok with the poster, Will Muan, claiming to be the man from the festival. In the video, you can see Saweetie point out a man in a white tank top. The surrounding crowd seems to hype him up as they continued interacting. The comments under the TikTok were supportive of the moment as well.

@will_muanTag her and tell her im right here♬ original sound – Will Muan

Social Media Reacts To The Viral Moment

Social media users had a lot to say about Saweetie shouting out Will Muan’s good looks. One Twitter user called Muan a “lucky S.O.B.” Another said, “This why you stay in the gym and get yo sh-t together guys!!!” A few people seemed to think the interaction was corny, some even though it was staged. However, most people commenting on the matter, thought it was cute.

Muan is enjoying the spotlight as well, posting another TikTok of him slow-motion walking to Saweetie’s “My Type.” Though there doesn’t seem to be a part two to the moment they shared, it remains a highlight of the festival. In addition to this, Saweetie’s performance generated a lot of buzz for her performance of “Don’t Say Nothing.” Fans dissected the track, some coming to the conclusion that it confirms the Lil Baby dating rumors circulating last year. The song’s lyrics imply a breach of trust and dating rumors, it’s unclear who the lyrics actually point to. Saweetie’s full set went up on Rolling Loud’s official YouTube account on July 23. The set has amassed over 20,000 views. You can watch it below.

Written by Kimberly Stelly | Instagram | Twitter

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