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Spotify’s RapCaviar’s Mount Rushmore Debate Ends With Nicki Minaj



The 2010’s Rap Mount Rushmore is set in stone!

Spotify’s RapCaviar set Twitter ablaze this past week with the question, “Who is the fourth spot on the Mount Rushmore of 2010’s Hip-Hop?”  The first three spots are occupied by Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, and Drake, each of which received little to no backlash.  After a week of debate, Nicki Minaj secured her spot as the fourth face.

There’s certainly not much to be surprised about by this choice.  Since making tsunami level waves with her verse on Kanye West’s ‘Monster,’ Nicki Minaj has been a force in the game.  Not only does she crank out consistent bops, but she sparked a necessary resurgence in female MC’s, leading to the Cardi B’s and Megan Thee Stallion’s out there.  With her influence and overall talent, we’re happy to see her take the next spot.

The Runner-Ups

However, this is art and in art, there is no true answer!  We have to show some love to the other contenders for Nicki’s spot as they’re all certainly deserving themselves.  The poll posed by RapCaviar, based on commenter’s, was Nicki, Kanye, Future, and Lil Wayne, with the results being in that same order.  Kanye and Wayne definitely deserve the regards, but their prime was debatably the previous decade. Future gained major props, with LeBron James even agreeing, though publicly, but lovingly corrected by Nicki herself in a funny tweet.

Very honorable mentions

Moreover, while RapCaviar narrowed it down to four, there’s plenty more MC’s deserve their flowers in terms of shaping the past decade of rap.  The first that comes to mind has to be Tyler, the Creator.  He founded the incredible Odd Future collective in his teen years and continues to accomplish.  His shocking horrorcore raps in the first half of the decade are iconic but in the second half, he is now one of Hip-Hop’s most exciting moguls.  With ‘Flower Boy‘ and ‘Igor,’ he has two all time greats in modern rap while also running dope fashion companies, Golf Wang & Golf le Fleur.

Of course, these are only some of his impressive accomplishments.

Other big contenders include Travis Scott and Young Thug, who continue to elevate the trap world.  Travis stakes a bold claim, being Kid Cudi’s greatest offspring and the creator of some of modern rap’s finest projects.  Young Thug also boasts a notable catalog and is known for putting on other MC’s, most prominently, Lil Baby.

There are more rappers trying to sound like Thugger than anybody else right now, a testament to his pioneering of voices and flows.  Both artists definitely deserve their recognition for their influence in the past decade.

In closing, shoutout to RapCaviar for posing the conversation, it definitely led to endless debates and re-listens, which are all that us Hip-Hop heads can ask for. Congrats again to Nicki for being the people’s favorite, she deserves it!


Written by Jason Heilbronner


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