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The Game Trolls Eminem Again..This Time Through His Daughter Hailie



The Game and Eminem
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There is nothing new happening in the world of hip hop when it comes to The Game and Eminem The Game trolls Eminem again, but this time he took it a step too far by including the “8 Mile” rapper’s daughter into the mix.

The Game Trolls Eminem By Going After Hailie Jade

On Wednesday August 10, Boxer Pete Quilin shared a photo collage of Em’s daughter, Hailie Jade, on Facebook. Showing how far she’s come since her dad first hit the rap scene. Within the group of pictures, there was one of her in a bikini. And this is where The Game jumped in commenting on the post.

Image via Facebook/Peter Quillin

Taking to the comment section he wrote, “Can she rap?” Almost instantly he got over 3,000 likes and 900 replies. But Em fans weren’t sitting quiet. They quickly came to his defense with a number of replies. Including one that read, “maybe not but shes more relevant than you and your career.” And even references Shady’s beef with MGK. Saying “Look at the last artist that talked about Ems daughter you’ll be next.” But the comments didn’t stop there. Another fan made it a point to say that if there was no Eminem there would’ve be no 50, and ultimately The Game wouldn’t exist. And finally another Slim Shady soldier told The Game he needed to calm down because Em would “smash” him in a battle.

The Game and Eminem conflict got even more heated a few months back. When he was accused of referencing Hailie Jade on the song, “The Black Slim Shady” from “Drillmatic: Heart vs Mind.” Set to be release on Friday August 12. The lyrics he allegedly included were, “Got Hailie in black panties, legs open that ho fine/Em a pro at takin’ a knee.” But The Game quickly squashed those rumors on Instagram live. He claims the lyrics were fake. Saying “They ain’t my lyrics, I didn’t write that garbage sh*t.”

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