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The State of California Filed a Lawsuit Against Ye West’s Yeezy




California filed a lawsuit against Ye West’s Yeezy brand, Complex reports. The reason is “failing to ship items within thirty days and provide adequate delay notices.”

The Yeezy Lawsuit

Yeezy allegedly “repeatedly violated” California state business code. It requires the 30-day shipment of all the products one purchases online. However, the other option is to refund. Or ship “equivalent or superior replacement goods.” Or provide a delay notice.

Yeezy allegedly did none. The company failed to deliver its products on time. Then Yeezy “made untrue or misleading statement regarding its ability to ship products within a certain timeframe.” Some “customers” even “paid an additional charge for expedited shipping.”

The State of California filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Friday, October 22. L.A. County District Attorney George Gascón prepared the case. The lawsuit also lists the attorneys from other counties.

The attorneys request Yeezy to pay $2,500 for each of the delay violations. They are also to cover the “restitution on behalf of affected consumers.”

‘Donda’ Stem Player

Facing the allegations, Ye also launched the new ‘Donda’ stem player. The device allows users to customize various song components. 

Users can manage vocals, percussion, bass, and also samples. They can also isolate specific song elements, and even add effects. The player set includes a headphone jack, volume controls, speakers, 8 G.B. of storage, and Bluetooth capabilities.

Yeezy x Gap

A month ago, Yeezy launched a line with Gap. The companies presented their new hoodies. Available online, the $90 “perfect sweaters” were sold within 24 hours. The hoodie is 100% double-layer cotton, designed without logos or drawstrings.

What do you think would be the fair solution to the current Yeezy v. the State of California conflict? Read more @FMHipHop!

Written by Nikita Serdiuk

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