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The World Mourns The Passing Of Tina Turner, The “Queen Of Rock & Roll”



Tina Turner Is Mourned Worldwide
Tina Turner. Image source: Alain DENIZE, Getty Images.

Today the world was stopped in its tracks, stunned by the news of the passing of a legend with no comparison, the “Queen of Rock,” Tina Turner.

Tina Turner Is Simply The Best

The world wasn’t ready for the likes of Anna Mae Bullock, also known as Tina Turner. Never had the world seen such a fiery spirit and talent in one form.

But Turner didn’t need the world to prepare for her; she cleared a path with her presence. Tina Turner was a comet, and she soared above all others. It was written in the stars that the world would know her name.

In fact, few aren’t familiar with the meteoric rise of this queen, from her humble beginnings to taking center stage with Ike Turner in the 1950s. Text and screen documented all of Tina Turner’s story. She was born a headliner; she just needed the world to catch on, and they did. When Tina Turner stepped under the lights, it was apparent.

Tina Turner was, as is often quoted, “simply the best.”

Turner, The Enterprising Icon

Tina and Ike Turner

Tina and Ike Turner: Image source: Michael Ochs Archives, Getty Images.

This icon paved the way for other young queens. Her inspiration is still evident in the reflective performances of younger artists. How could it not be? Her electric performances and one-of-a-kind vocal signature were blueprints. Turner was larger than life, and she left magic on every track and every stage she worked.

But Tina Turner was so much more than a music maven. She was brilliant. Her industry savvy catapulted her career as much as her talent. As the New York Times notes,

“Ms. Turner, who insisted on adding rock songs by the Beatles and the Stones to her repertoire, reached an enormous new audience, giving the Ike and Tina Turner Revue its first Top 10 hit with her version of the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Proud Mary.”

Marks Of Greatness

Tina Turner’s catalog is vast and spans years. One mention of her name and a sea of successful projects spill over. There will never be hesitation when conversations turn to such a discourse; instantly, super hits like “What’s Love Got to Do With,” “River Deep Mountain High,” “Private Dancer,” and “Simply the Best” instantly come to mind.

There is no denying Turner was a ginormous talent, a global success, and a record breaker. But it all boiled down to her passion. Turner never stopped performing; it was in her bones. At 60, she announced her retirement, but nothing could hold her back from what she loved.

The New York Times also notes, “In 2008, after performing with Beyoncé at the Grammy Awards, she embarked on an international tour marking her 50th year in the music business.”

One Final Bow

Today Tina Turner took her final curtain call, closing her eyes one last time at her home. She was 83 years young. The causes of Turner’s death are not yet open. As many sources show, the music legend had a bevy of health complications in recent years, including kidney issues.

Turner’s talent was so unique, bold, and brilliant that it was like a tsunami, an unstoppable force. When someone so iconic passes, one that has not only forged a path but moved the world, jettisoned the seas and made the world stand in awe, there is never enough to say.

The world will miss their Queen, Tina Turner. Our condolences go out to her immediate and global family, which now stands in mourning.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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