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Things Heating Up in the Lizzo Drama: Performer Threatens to Sue Dancers



Lizzo Dancers Counter-Lawsuit Appears
Lizzo. Image source: Getty Images.

Lizzo has recently felt an increase in the negative pressures, some of which are the typical byproduct of stardom. Those who follow the performer know she has recently come under fire for the alleged mistreatment of her dancers.

However, Lizzo is no longer taking the dancers’ allegations sitting down. Recent reports show that Lizzo now has something to set the record straight and plans to file a lawsuit against those who have accused her.

Lizzo Under Fire

There was widespread astonishment when reports surfaced suggesting that Lizzo might be connected to the mistreatment of her background dancers. The artist known for “About Damn Time” took to social media to address these allegations as they gained momentum.

However, this response did not ease the concerns of the accusers. It instead stoked the fires. In fact, there was a high likelihood that Lizzo would have to confront her accusers in a courtroom.

The Truth Hurts

The tide is turning, and Lizzo is determined to regain control of the situation. In fact, she reportedly possesses evidence that can significantly strengthen her case against those who accused her.

According to TMZ, Lizzo’s attorney, Marty Singer, has revealed that recently unearthed photographs depict the accusers “joyfully socializing” and “enthusiastically celebrating” backstage with performers from a Parisian topless cabaret show while on Lizzo’s tour. This evidence is undeniably incriminating and raises questions about the credibility of the accuser’s claims.

Lizzo Backup dancers

Lizzo’s Dancers. Image Source: TMZ

Why Is This Important

The accusers allege they experienced abusive treatment, particularly during a Paris show. However, it is noted that the photos in question were taken during the period about which the dancers are making these complaints. As TMZ notes,

“Lizzo’s accusers — Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez — also claim they were forced to go to the Paris topless show, but her attorney says that contradicts the photos.”

And that is the smoking gun. Those photos can stand as substantial proof that her accusers weren’t under the level of duress they claim. There is also a circulating video featuring one of the main claimants showering Lizzo with effusive praise, further raising questions about the credibility of the accusations. Such raises one very crucial question. Is there a counterargument?

The Counterargument From The Accusers Of Lizzo

As it stands, one particular counterargument comes from the legal team representing Neama Rahmani. A representing attorney, when referring to the smiling pick, has stated: “Of course [they are smiling], they wanted to keep their jobs.”

Thus, submitting these photos will not deter them from their current path. In fact, their position is further strengthened by mounting complaints from other employees. So, as last reported, they are indeed looking forward to trial.

Indeed, it appears there is a challenging legal journey ahead for both Lizzo and her accusers. As for now, it seems neither side is backing away. Thus, the public is left to wait to see how it plays out.

Written by Renae Richardson 

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