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Tiger Woods Joins Michael Jordan and Lebron James In Billionaire Club



Andrew Redington/Getty Images

Today Forbes announced that legendary golfer, Tiger Woods, achieved an estimated net worth of over one-billion dollars.  Tiger Woods now stands among the most elite and successful athletes in sports history.  Tiger finds himself joining Michael Jordan and Lebron James as one member of the trinity of billionaire athletes. 

Welcome to the Billionaire’s Club

The four time Master’s Tournament winner achieved this significant milestone mostly thanks to his entrepreneurship off of the green.

In recent years Tiger Woods has seen financial success in his company TGR Design, a firm specializing in the development of golf courses.  Course design has become a prominent post golf career for many professionals in the sport.  Tiger is notable for working with his TGR company while still touring.

The news of Tiger Woods’ billion dollar net worth is also notable has he accomplished this incredible feat without assistance from the upcoming Saudi Arabian professional golfing circuit, the LIV Tour.  The LIV Tour has made waves in the golfing world in recent weeks.  In part because the tour has drawn many famous PGA players away with lucrative deals.  Tiger Woods was one of the few to turn down the offer.  

A Phoenix Rising

Such good news coming from Tiger’s camp is a welcome change of pace.  For the last year and half the golfer experienced no shortage of difficulties. First in February of last year came the horrific car crash.  Which put serious doubt on his ability to keep playing.  However, he miraculously recovered and made appearances in two majors this year.  These appearances were followed by underwhelming performances.  He had to withdraw play from the PGA Championship after he posted his worst round of professional golf in his career.  

Despite of all these setbacks as of late Tiger Woods continued to make the kinds of sound financial decisions that brought him to his current state.  Through numerous brand deals with Nike, Monster Energy, and TaylorMade plus his consulting course work he has become one of the most financially successful athletes in the entire history of the sporting world.

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