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Travis Scott Demands Fans To Get Down From Lighting Ladder During Coney Island Concert



Travis Scott Demands Fans To Get Down During Concert
Travis Scott performs at Day 1 of the Astroworld Music Festival at NRG Park on Friday, Nov. 5, 2021, in Houston. Image source: Amy Harris/Invision/AP.

Since being blackballed by the tragic Astroworld incident, Travis Scott is back in the game. However, this time around, he seems to be taking crowd safety more seriously.

According to TMZ, Monday night, July 4, two Travis Scott fans decided to climb lighting ladders, or trusses, in an overhyped way to view the artist’s show. Travis proceeded to stop the show and demand the two remove themselves from the dangerous situation. What has been overlooked is now being addressed by the “SICKO MODE” rapper.

Although the Astroworld “night in hell” was over seven months ago, it is still fresh for those affected. Residual damage is just a fraction of what the music festival caused. With ex-fans filing lawsuits at his doorstep, Travis Scott’s career since the disastrous event has spiraled. Still, his efforts to amend his once glorious name in music is a sluggish process.


Don’t Call It Travis’s Comeback

Diddy, who hosted the 2022 Billboard Music Awards, went to bat for the rapper to make an appearance on the big stage. Mr. Take That advocated and succeeded in presenting Travis the opportunity to perform at one of the most significant televised events in music. While many were against it, Love(Diddy) had other plans.

In an Instagram video, Diddy somberly states, “I made a request, I made a demand.” This gesture has opened several avenues for the Astroworld Festival curator, who has accrued several opportunities to perform.

Just days before the BBMA’s, he performed alongside The Migos in Miami. He even hit up a stage at a Coachella afterparty.

REVOLT Black News captured the moment where Diddy takes a stance against cancel culture. “I am uncanceling the canceled,” he continued. “There will be no canceling on my watch.” Diddy eluded.

Be it true that Scott is still doing damage control, reports of new lawsuits continue to swarm the Houston, Texas native. Diddy’s forgiveness may have opened hearts and then given Scott a chance at redemption. And it seems Travis might’ve not taken this second chance for granted.

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