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Video Footage Surfaces Of Sheff G On High-Speed Chase From Police



New video has surfaced from an August high-speed chase involving Sheff G. Photo via Empire Records.

Caught on camera! Video footage has surfaced of rapper Sheff G in a high-speed escape from police, swiping the bumper of a woman’s car and hitting a tree during the chase. The incident took place in August after Sheff G fled an intersection. The video footage of the incident is available via New York Daily News.

After the woeful August 21, 2021 chase, Sheff G now faces a lawsuit from the woman, Alexia Friend, in the Brooklyn Supreme Court. The suit alleges Sheff’s behavior led Friend to “suffer severe and permanent injuries.” The suit states Sheff drove his 2017 Mercedes-Benz GLE AMG 63 past a stop sign with two Nassau County Police Department officers following. Eventually, Sheff slammed into the front of one Alexa Friend’s Cadillac. The incident took place on Steamboat Road in Great Neck, New York.

After the crash, Sheff’s car skidded over 200 feet. Photos included in the lawsuit show the rapper’s luxury SUV knocking shrubs and street signs onto a lawn.

Sheff G Police Chase

Sheff G’s Mercedes-Benz after crashing into a shrub in Great Neck, NY. Photo via Brooklyn Supreme Court.

Alexia Friend “exited her car and observed that the vehicle continued traveling down Kings Point Road,” after the collision, according to Friend’s lawyer Marc Battipaglia. The car eventually “struck a tree, and was swarmed by police vehicles,” Battipaglia further stated in an October 26 motion. 

Friend claims to hurt her neck, back, and right shoulder in the incident. She also alleged experiencing a tingling sensation down her right arm after Sheff G’s chase.

She testified, “After the impact, I saw that the other car had spun… and slid down the road. I got out of the car because of the shock. I didn’t know what happened.”

Department of Correction records show Sheff G currently resides on Rikers Island. However, according to Sheff, he can’t remain behind bars long. 

“Freedom is a must… Sending my love to all my fans & supporters. I’ll be Bacc soon… FREE ME!” Sheff G published an Instagram story on November 12, 2021.

Sheff G’s July Case  

Back in July, Sheff G already ended up in custody after reportedly being arrested in NYC. DJ Akademiks informed the public of the incident. He also posted information about Sheff’s next court date, all via Twitter.

Court documents and criminal complaints also include details of the arrests themselves. While searching Sheff G’s vehicle, police recovered a .45-caliber Glock with nine rounds intact. Eventually, Sheff had to face “three counts of criminal possession of a weapon and two traffic violations.”

Sheff G eventually pleaded guilty to criminal possession of a weapon in the second degree. He was sentenced to two years on October 20. Though it’s unclear how or if new footage will affect his case, Friend’s lawsuit certainly takes no prisoners. 

Written by Nikita Serdiuk

My name is Nikita. I report and sometimes share my opinion on music, music industry, and other stuff.

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