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Vince Staples Shared Why He Likes to Collaborate with Kenny Beats



Vince and Kenny kickin' it at "The Cave"

Vince Staples Shared on Collaborations with Kenny Beats

On Zane Lowe’s Apple Music 1 show, Vince Staples shared information about his new single, “Are you with that?” which was the main reason for Vince to come; Staples also mentioned the soon-to-come album.

The artist also talked about his relationship with Kenny Beats. Both artists cooperated on Vince’s upcoming ‘Vince Staples’ album; Kenny provided all the instrumentals. According to Vince, “Kenny’s amazing…Kenny knows. Kenny’s somebody who still learns every day; he still takes from experiences and other things he hears in music and tries to figure out how to make them into his own.”

Vince continues, “Kenny is somebody who kind of listens, and he tries his best to kind of implement whatever you need, while still kind of remaining himself.” Both artists have been working together since Vince’s 2018 ‘FM!’ record and have established a fruitful and productive collaboration since.

Both previous successful cooperation and Vince’s commentary leave high hopes for the new ‘Vince Staples’ album. The same goes for the new single, which the artist explained on Twitter as a “lyric video for those of us who are visual learners.”

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