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The Best Artists To Listen To While Exercising



Workout Music: Artists To Listen To While Exercising
Far upper lefthand corner is DaBaby, far upper righthand corner is Alesso, lower left hand corner is Tiesto, and lower right hand corner is Lil Baby. Image source: The U.S. Sun/ALDA/Just Jared/Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP.

Exercise is more enjoyable when performed to music that motivates and puts one’s mind in a positive frame. Fitness Volt analyzed which artists were featured most frequently on Spotify’s most listened workout playlists.

Fitness Volt is an online fitness and nutrition resource dedicated to strength sports. It aims to provide readers with proven knowledge and practices concerning the latest wellness and nutritional trends.

Which Artist Is Currently At The Top Of The Most Listened-To Artists On The Workout Playlists?

The new study shows that Dutch DJ Tiesto dominates the list of artists most often listened to while exercising in the United States. The scientists ranked Tiësto as the most famous artist. The appeal of certain artists contributes to their higher profile and status.

Furthermore, the analysis indicated that Tiësto featured 51 times in conjunction with commonly heard songs, including “Hot In It” and “The Motto.”

A second-place finisher in the analysis is Canadian rapper Drake. His songs “Massive” and “Chicago Freestyle” were featured 49 times.

Moreover, 41 times are featured in Spotify’s workout playlists for French DJ David Guetta. He is third in the U.S. for workout music.

There Is A High Concentration Of DJs On The List

The music created by DJs is very popular with the masses.

English DJ Joel Corry, who has appeared 30 times on the site, took fourth place. One of his most frequently played songs is” ‘What Would You Do?'” which appears eight times on the list, along with “OUT OUT” (feat. Charli XCX & Saweetie).

Furthermore, Swedish DJ Alesso is fifth on the list of most popular workout playlists in the United States. One of the most famous songs features is “Words” (featuring Zara Larsson).

Hip-Hop Artists Are Receiving High Praise

As the list continues, Jack Harlow, the rapper behind the song “Nail Tech,” takes sixth place. Harlow has established a strong presence in the music industry since he entered the scene in 2020. In addition to his “Dua Lipa” song being featured six times, a remix of “WHATS POPPIN” (featuring DaBaby, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne) has also been featured six times.

With 25 appearances in workout playlists, American rapper Lil Baby is seventh in the ranks. “Detox” and “Right On” are two of his most famous songs.

A joint eighth place goes to Swedish House Mafia and “BOP” rapper DaBaby, each appearing 24 times in the playlists.

More DJs

In addition, there are 22 features by Dutch DJ Armin van Buuren, ranked ninth on the list. In terms of popularity, “One More Time” and “No Fun” were the most popular songs.

For someone who loves music, listening to music produced by DJs holds a certain appeal. There is no doubt that these songs fall under the workout playlist category due to their melody, beats, tempo, and rhythm.

Last but not least, Brazilian DJ Alok ranks tenth, appearing on Spotify’s most favorite workout playlists 21 times.

Quote On Workout Music From A Fitness Volt Spokesperson

Notably, a spokesperson for Fitness Volt speaks on the importance of listening to music while exercising. Also, they argue that the public closely associates certain artists with working out. 

“Music plays a vital part in many people’s workout regime, with studies having shown it helps to distract from pain, elevates mood, and increases stamina. The similarities between the most played artists reveal that there are certain genres and artists that are particularly popular to accompany exercise.”

“The study shows which artists people choose to listen to for their workout, crowning rappers, DJs and electro musicians the most favoured.”

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Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter: @BiggsNikiya | Instagram: @ngv6236

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