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Yara Shahidi’s Day Off Season Finale: Family Reunion With Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Nas



Yara Shahidi Day Off Season Finale Is Here
Yara Shahidi and Nas. Image source: Facebook Watch.

The season finale of Yara Shahidi’s Day Off, hosted by actress Yara Shahidi has been released! This episode features Yara’s cousin, multi-platinum recording artist Nas, and other family members playing games and drinking hand-crafted mocktails. The conversation between Yara and Nas focuses on music, inspiration, and investing in the future.

Nas Reminisces With Family Members

In addition to Nas’s daughter Destiny Jones, Yara’s brother Sayeed also participated in the family fun. They exchanged old and new family stories while playing games and enjoying mocktails. According to the host, her mother often mentioned how Nas would make his entry into music, but the entire family believed it to be a joke.

“I think I told Uncle Walter. I thought he’d be, like, ‘Yeah, you know, I heard of hip-hop,’ ” said Nas. “Didn’t know what I was talking about. I was young, so it was a dream. But it winded up happening.”

The conversation follows Nas and his daughter, Destiny Jones, speaking more about their experience at the Grammy Awards.

“That was actually a lot of fun to do, The Grammys,” said Destiny. The most memorable experience for her was sharing a trailer with her father. Moreover, Jones points out that Nas was a little nervous that night, even though he does not often experience anxiety.

“She’s right. I was backstage, and I was a little nervous because, you know, that’s a big show,” he said. After 20-some years, I’m like, I got to do this right. I got to remember the words. That was the main thing, remember the words.”

Nas did not anticipate performing at the Grammys. Therefore, it came as a surprise.

Actress Yara Shahidi Inquires About The Importance Of Nas’ Fellowship Program

The conversation then focused on his commitment to investing in future generations through the Harvard Hiphop Fellowship program. In addition, Shahidi asked him what was important to him about the Fellowship.

“The Fellowship is amazing because I didn’t finish. I had a lot of distractions, and I didn’t really finish high school,” said Nas.

Due to not completing high school, the rapper was unhappy for a considerable time, which is understandable since education is a fundamental part of one’s development.

In putting his name on this Fellowship, the “Patience” rapper felt a sense of responsibility as it represented his recent development and direction. Additionally, he asserts that now is the time to look at generational wealth. “It’s not as equal still in an investment space as it should be,” he continued. “So, yeah, we got to think about how we got to make the most, pass it on to the next generation.”

Check out the full episode below!

20th Anniversary Of  The “God’s Son” Album

Nas is known as a musical genius. In case you are unaware, actress Yara Shahidi confirms that Nas’s sixth studio album God’s Son is approaching its 20th anniversary. This album is particularly noteworthy to her because of the words of affirmation it contains and his ability to make music that people can relate to.

Following Yara’s appreciation of the album, Nas elaborates on his music journey and what it means to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his album, God’s Son.

“I never thought I would be celebrating an album that’s 20 years old,” he replied. “It’s the coolest thing ever because you go, you know, it’s a marker in your life where you was. And where I was– I was kind of in a dark moment around that time.”

In 2002, Nas lost his mother to cancer. Several songs on God’s Son are dedicated to his mother, including “Dance.” Nas also felt that he was maturing in terms of rap years and wanted to create something new and different. Sometimes, the artist was not interested in making music or living a performer’s flashy, on-stage, loud life. “I wanted to really kind of just coast through life and go to Barnes & Noble and go do regular, cool things,” Nas asserted.

Actress Yara Shahidi

Nas’ 2002 studio album, God’s Son. Credit: Deep Discount

Meanwhile, the energy within him and the passion he felt were telling him to make that record. During a challenging time, Nas was able to draw strength from that album. The name ‘God’s Son’ represented his desire to focus on the positive aspects of the business and connect his spirituality with that higher vibration to ward off all the bad coming his way and remain humble.

Dream Big & Stay Ambitious!

In the last segment of the discussion, Yara mentions that the culture of critique is something she is always fighting and does not necessarily view this as a call to action.

“It’s an interesting next step to be like, ‘I can use this as ​​the fire under me to do something about it.’,” she said. “Right. Right. And you’ve been doing that. I mean, you have become an inspiration for so many people,” said Nas. “I go places, and people are like, ‘Yara’s your cousin.’ And they tell me about things that I missed.”

Furthermore, Nas maintains that actress Yara Shahidi has always appeared focused at such an early age. The extent of her focus was unknown to him. You would expect many children to do activities related to their peers. However, Yara’s ambition has been integral to her personality since childhood.

In his statement, the “Hero” rapper encourages people not to fall victim to dream killers. “So, with our family, we’ve been lucky enough, blessed enough to have people who really care. That’s important,” he said.

This episode concludes with Nas giving Yara her flowers. “I love that you’re doing this show. This is perfect for you,” he said. “I can’t wait to watch all of it, and I’ll continue to support everything you’re doing. Continue to go.”

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Written by Nikiya Biggs | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

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