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Ye May Build His Own Retail Stores Under “YZYSPLY” Name



Kanye West smile
Ye at the 2022 BET Awards. Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West has another brilliant idea!  He reportedly filed a trademark for “YZYSPLY.”  At first, Ye used “Yeezy Supply” on his website when releasing new and limited quantity clothes. Now, “YZYSPLY” may be stamped under new garments the rapper plans to create such as tennis wear, footwear, and underwear. It looks like Ye is planning to open his own retail stores with this new brand as well. He just dropped his release with GAP which includes his infamous full face black mask. He also signed a 10-year deal with GAP to produce Yeezy Supply clothing.  I’m guessing “YZYSPLY” stores will only have Yeezy’s items and won’t be combined with the GAP line.

Donda Foam Vehicle

Kanye is always busy creating.  Just recently, he has announced that he plans on making the Donda Foam Vehicle.  Yes, a car made of foam!  As you can see, Kanye is not afraid to try anything. He and , shoe architect, Steven Smith, are working on this project. Smith has worked with Kanye for years as they collaborated on the Yeezy Adidas line.  Ye has named Smith head designer for Donda Industrial Design. He has just added Donda Industrial Design under the Donda brand.  As of right now, the foam vehicle looks like an ATV with large wheels and tiny windows.  Ye clearly has a thing for foam as his latest shoe release is made up of foam as well. Apparently, since he is good friends with Elon Musk, he is going to reach out to the tycoon to make his vision come to life.

Ye vs David Casavant Archive

While Ye is busy creating, he’s still dealing with a bit of controversy. The David Casavant Archive is suing him for not paying fees or returning rare items. Kanye allegedly owes them hundreds of thousands of dollars. The David Casavant Archive claims Ye stopped paying for over a dozen items since 2020. According to the lawyers of David Casavant Archive, Ye would lose the clothes they rented to him, and they would send him the replacement fee. They add that all this is in writing and Ye is aware of this.  With unpaid fees and garments that need to be replaced, Ye is looking at a bill of over $400,000.

Written by: Brandon Simmons

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