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YesJulz And Ye Share Lawsuits



YesJulz Ye Lawsuit Battle
YesJulz. Image source: YouTube.

On March 12, a post appeared on Ye’s Instagram. “We have decided to no longer have YesJulz involved in the role out of Vultures,” the artist’s IG story read. “All the activity on her page and with our fans in the past few days has been unauthorized.”

YesJulz Ye Lawsuit Battle

The story on Ye’s Instagram. Image source: Instagram.

The same day, YesJulz received an email from Milo Yiannopoulos suggesting she no longer works for Kanye’s company, Yeezy, and owes $7.7 million due to “NDA violations.”

Since then, YesJulz, whose official name is Julieanna Goddard, has announced her own lawsuit and multiple accusations towards Ye’s team and Milo Yiannopoulos in particular.

Multiple YesJulz’s claims suggest many things. Ye is allegedly not the only one “with access” to his social media accounts. Kanye’s lawyer is “at the will of Milo.” According to YesJulz, someone also forged her signature on the aforementioned NDA.

YesJulz Departure From Ye’s Team

The announcement mentioned above on Ye’s Instagram provided little commentary. The email YesJulz later received from Milo mentioned NDA violations, but it’s still unclear what happened exactly.

In response, Julz went online to announce that Ye had never told her he was suing and that his signature was not on the lawsuit. “The letter of intent to arbitrate was very clearly written by Milo. Signed by Ye’s lawyer, who is also at the will of Milo,” YesJulz has explained on X. “If the suit moves forward and Ye allows it to, sure i may feel different. & i’ll do what needs to be done to defend myself. I have no fear because i’ve done no wrong.”

After someone pointed out that Ye posted the departure announcement of YesJulz on his own Instagram, the talent manager claimed that Kanye was not the only one “with access” to his own social media.

Julz Fires Back

However, days after YesJulz’s departure, Ye has not responded regarding her firing or the $7.7 million lawsuit.

This has seemingly led the manager to conclude that Milo is not the only person on the Yeezy team trying to harden her life. So she has fired back with her own lawsuit against the team.

“I gave everyone over a week to do the right thing and fire this pedo, pay me for my completed work and drop the nonsense intent to arbitrate,” Julz has stated on X. “I had to assume this was fake, but nope- its very real. So my response to it will be very real also.” 

YesJulz has also underlined that her main problem is Milo, “But i cant ignore that the rest of the team, including the founder of company, has been complicit. I have no choice but to fight back.”

The talent manager has a lot of accusations to make against the company. These include wrongful termination but also signature forging. “I was..sent a signed NDA two days after my “fuck an nda” comment with a signature that is VERY CLEARLY not mine,” Julz has stated on X. “Someone will be in jail as forging a signature is a federal crime punishable by up to 10 years in prison in the state of California.”

Ye’s team has yet not commented on the forging allegations.

Written by Nikita Serdiuk | IG: @nikitasrdk | Twitter: @nktserdiuk

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