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YK Osiris Posts Dark Messages on Instagram Following Money Drama



YK Osiris
YK Osiris isn't laughing along with Twitter trolls. Photo by Aaron J. Thornton for WireImage

YK Osiris has been in the media for some hilarity lately, including an exchange with Lil Baby at the jewelry store. Baby claimed that Osiris owed him money. The interaction was caught on camera and posted on social media, which set the internet ablaze. After that, Osiris flexed a pair of $325,000 diamond earrings on his Instagram stories. In response, former NFL player Chad Johnson jumped on Twitter to clown him for wasting money. Next thing you know, Claire’s $10 studs are getting free advertising from the interaction.

Despite the comedic relief commentary surrounding YK Osiris’ money may have brought, the  “Worth It” rapper himself doesn’t seem to be laughing.

On Saturday, Osiris posted some very dark messages on his Instagram which, he has since deleted.

“God take me away please, I just want to sleep and don’t wake back up. I know y’all would love that.”

A following slide read:

“Let’s see how everyone got something to laugh at then, it’s all fun and jokes until y’all don’t got nun to joke about no more.”

Osiris hasn’t posted anything since. We at hope he is doing okay.

Twitter Won’t Let Up

Meanwhile, Twitter continues to have a field day with the drama. Multiple outlets have posted screenshots and video clips of Johnson and Osiris’ firing shots at each other. These online battles went on throughout Thanksgiving weekend.

“I got the same earrings for $10 from Claire’s,” Chad Johnson Tweeted, quoting pictures of YK Osiris and his expensive diamond studs.

As a result, Osiris got wind of the tweet and responded on Instagram.”We all grown baby, you don’t nobody how to spend their money. If Ocho Coco wanna go to Claire’s and spend $10 on earrings, man I congratulate you.” he said. “You should do that. That’s your money. But you don’t go in another man’s business and tell another man how to spend their money. Big facts.”

In conclusion, YK Osiris wants everyone to just mind their business and stop pocket watching. Fair enough.

Written by Amber Alexander

Twitter: Ambernofetari

Amber Nofetari Alexander is an Associate Editor and Social Media Editor for FM Hip Hop. She's originally from Brooklyn, NYC with a knack for Black culture, music, women's issues, and fashion. She's also a social media junkie and avid jewelry collector. Amber's work has also been published on The Fader, Sister 2 Sister, and News Onyx.

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