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YK Osiris Reveals Suicidal Thoughts On Instagram Live After Fallout With Drake And Lil Baby



YK Osiris
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Sunday, October 16th, YK Osiris took to his Instagram Live to share the emotional downfall he’s been experiencing. The artist also revealed that he is no longer friends with Drake and Lil Baby. He even admitted he is feeling suicidal at this moment in time.

“You can’t use Drake with me, you can’t use Lil Baby, ’cause they don’t fuck with me no more… So please don’t use that. You haven’t seen me around Drake in a minute or Lil Baby. Long time. So let’s get that out the door. Please don’t use that no more.”

YK Osiris concerns fans with suicidal thoughts.

The “Worth It” artist says that he wants to die and kill himself. “I wanna just leave this Earth. But something telling me… I don’t know.” He added that he believes people view him as a clown, stating, “I can’t even see my f*cking kids…. I’m a talented person. But that doesn’t matter because I don’t drop my music, I don’t do sh!t. I haven’t even performed in f*cking two years, n*gga!”

YK continued to ask fans how they would feel if he killed himself right now. He stated if he were to commit suicide people would say “good, he don’t have to pay no more debts no more.” He say’s, “I don’t have to pay Drake anymore… I don’t have to pay Lil Baby no more, they gonna say that bullshit, they gonna say the dumbest shit ever!”

YK Osiris just wants to be happy.

Osiris took a moment of his live to give away $500 each to some kids on the corner and another $500 to a woman as well, asking for prayers in return. He then continued his live to say, “I just want to be happy. That’s all I wanna do is be happy.” The star explains that his baby mother always told him, “Osiris, nobody f*ck with you, stop doing music, bruh. Your sh!t wack.” The singer usually never believes anything the child of his mother says, but now he say’s he does.

If you find yourself or know anyone at risk of suicide or contemplating self-harm, FM Hip-Hop urges you to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255, text TALK to 741741 or visit for further help.


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