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YoungBoy Never Broke Again Passes Jay-Z With New Billboard 200 Accolade



Image Source: Music Video Screenshot From The Song "Feel Good"
Image Source: Music Video Screenshot From The Song "Feel Good"

YoungBoy Never Broke Again just passed Jay-Z on the list of rappers with the most albums that charted on Billboard 200. This makes the young Louisiana rapper 5th on the overall list ahead of Jay Z. To be fair, YoungBoy also has way more projects released so far in his career in comparison to Jay. The fact he’s so young is what makes this news so impressive as well for obvious reasons. While he tends to debate wanting to retire from rap early, it’s clear that he’ll work his way higher on the list in no time.


YoungBoy’s Relentless Work Ethic

It’s not entirely too surprising that he accomplished this monumental feat. The rapper is dropping music nonstop & fans are still actively listening to his music regularly. In the past few months, YoungBoy dropped a total number of 3 official projects on all platforms. The first was the release of The Last Slimeto back in August. Then came the release of Realer 2; the sequel to his beloved project Realer. Last is 3800 Degrees which dropped about two weeks ago & competed against many other album drops that week. All three have been streaming well & doing excellent on the charts.


What’s Next For His Future Career?

The future is bright for NBA YoungBoy as long as he’s able to stay out of legal trouble. This is a growing issue for many of his other rap peers & even played a huge role in YoungBoy’s career so far. He’s frequently on house arrest, but got some charges dropped this year & seems to be doing excellent. Do you think Young Boy Never Broke Again can become the biggest artist in the genre & even the world one day?


Written by: Oryah Brown | Instagram: @oryah.wav

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