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600 Breezy Mourns the Loss of His Girlfriend Due To Suicide



600 Breezy Girlfriend Loss Is Mourned By The Artist
600 Breezy and his girlfriend. Image source: 600 Breezy, Instagram.

600 Breezy has been on a roll with the release of new music. Sadly, today the drill rapper shared via social media that his girlfriend, Raven Jackson, has died of suicide.


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Not much of the couples’ life together has been available to the public. However, 600 Breezy’s and his girlfriend’s businesses flourished independently. 600 took to Instagram to share Jackson’s tragic loss and what seems to be her last words. In a heartbreaking final plea, Jackson revealed her hopelessness in life itself and her inability to continue to hide them any longer.

The rumors claim she may have jumped from a bridge. These allegations may be supported by her message to Breezy, “It’s 5pm here, this bridge is actually nice. I wish we would’ve came here together.”

“The Best 2 years of my life……”

The two had been dating for 2 years. During that time, both excelled in perspective business ventures. Jackson founded Go cRAEzy Fitness which offered luxury fitness gear, gym essentials, and training. She also found the “Real Talk With Raven” community, where she emphasized and advocated for “mental health and awareness while providing a safe, inviting, and nurturing space to facilitate growth and awareness.”

600 Breezy, on the other hand, is a Chicago rapper amongst the long list of drill rappers. He is known to have been a close associate of the late King Von. Breezy recently released his “Retaliation” project with several singles and videos that generated hundreds of thousands of streams.


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A post shared by Six-O-Breezo (@600breezy)

600 Breezy, Mental Health, And Depression

Per the messages 600 Breezy shared from his late girlfriend, she had been suffering long before she took action. Like many who have fallen victim to the clinically diagnosed disease, she felt disconnected. Though she had achieved what many wouldn’t succeed in a lifetime, she couldn’t bare to live with misdiagnosis and stress.

Mental illness has taken the lives of many public figures. While this is a mournful topic, the public must address it and take it seriously in the future. 

Written by Antoinette Ford

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If you know anyone who may be dealing with depression or mental crisis, please call or text the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: at 988  You may also contact the Crisis Text Line by texting HELLO to 741741.

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